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Finding Lasting Success with Truth


Many years ago our forefathers laid a path to find a lasting success. It was built on the core principles of trust, honesty and integrity. This business practice created a unique bond of trust between sales associates and customers. In those days there were no sales tactics needed to manipulate or deceive customers into purchasing. Times were simple and happy. It was kind of like Mayberry on “The Andy Griffith Show.”

As the world evolved, we as an industry began to find ourselves straying from the path set before us that leads us to this lasting success. No longer were we using the light of truth to lead the way. Instead we began to follow a soothing voice that called out from the darkness around the lighted path of truth.

With many empty promises of greatness and success, greed lulled us into a trance as we strayed farther and farther away. We exchanged our truth for a lie and this is where we lost our way. Thus we entered the era of bad sales tactics with the sole purpose of making money.

Take a moment and think about the ways that we train our young sales associates. Much training is based on ways to manipulate and trick our customers into buying a product. No longer do we talk of ways to impact our customers’ lives in a meaningful way. The sale has become more about us and less about our customers. Our success as an industry was originally based on serving our customers, meeting their needs and looking out for their best interest. The methods we now use to train our sales associates are full of greed.

Now, as a new era begins, we awake from our slumber and find ourselves lost in the darkness. Greed has severed the bond of trust built between sales associate and customer. No longer do our customers trust us and we find ourselves often meeting stiff resistance.

Many sales associates find themselves leading unfulfilling careers with no true happiness. The sales floor has become a grind for many and there seems to be no end to their misery. Take a moment and ask yourself, “Am I really happy with my career?” Many may appear to be successful, but they are not truly satisfied within.

I am here to share with you a message of hope that will transform your life and career. These truths will light the way leading you back to truly connecting with your customers. Over the next few months I will share topics with you that are designed to help you find true success. It is time to get back to teaching the core principles of trust, honesty and integrity. There is a way to conduct business with integrity and be very successful. Just look at my career as a million dollar sales professional. It was not until I discovered these truths and implemented them that my career became satisfying as well as successful. I feel it is my duty to help each and every sales associate find this lasting success.

Today, I will share the first insight to help you find true success. We will start by focusing on the sales tactics that you use when selling your customers. There are good sales tactics and bad sales tactics. The question is what sales tactics are you using? Do the methods you use to conduct business leave you feeling satisfied and energized? Are you truly looking out for your customers’ best interest, or are you focused on commission dollars? These are the questions you must ask in order to determine what type of sales tactics you are using.

A good sales tactics can be easily recognized based on two main principles. First, does it benefit your customer? If it benefits your customer then it is a good sales tactic. If it does not benefit your customer then I assure you greed is present and at work.

Secondly, do you feel good about yourself after using the sales tactic? When you use a sales tactic to benefit your customer there is a peace and fulfillment afterwards. Whenever you are conducting business with greed there is never a satisfaction in what you have achieved because greed’s friend, guilt, is waiting there to remind you of your actions. Over time you become hardened and even your conscience can no longer save you from your destiny of doom.

Today, I challenge you to examine the use of your sales tactics. Look within yourself and ask the tough questions to help you expose your true intentions. Then I encourage you to implement good sales tactics in your sales presentation.

When you do, I promise you that you will find a more rich and rewarding life as a sales professional. When you are doing things the right way, true lasting success is in your future. To those of you who have already discovered this truth, I commend you and encourage you to share your success with those around you. Impact your environment in a powerful way that will bring change to the sales floor.

Next month we will uncover topic number two that will lead you to true success. It is the benefit of serving your customer while selling. This little treasure will bring you great reward. You will not want to miss it.

Brian Barfield is a trainer/senior sales consultant at The Gem Collection in Tallahassee, FL. Brian has over 17 years experience in the jewelry industry. He has had 9 years management experience as a store manager and spent the last 6 years as a million dollar sales associate. Brian has taken the knowledge he has obtained and has created a modern day road map for sales associates to find a greater success. He is also in the process of finishing his first book, “Modern Day Selling.” To find out more information and training course guidelines you can reach Brian at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via his website, www.moderndayselling.com.