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IDD’s mission: Help independent retailers succeed in today’s environment


Manufacturer features best-selling classic diamond jewelry & dazzling collections

Alok Mehta, owner and CEO of diamond jewelry manufacturer IDD, says his company’s philosophy is quite simple: “Provide a quality product at a great value, consistently, and service the customer at all times.”

IDD-staff-SeptThe philosophy has paid off. Since Mr. Mehta joined IDD in 1999, the company has grown to be a very well known and respected name among independent jewelers and regional chains across North America.

“As a third generation in the business, I have always had a strong passion for this trade,” Mr. Mehta says. “When I moved here, IDD had a very small operation. Since then, we have developed various best-selling programs and launched successful collections.

“Now we have a team of 25 diamond and jewelry professionals, including nine sales reps, who cover all parts of the country as well as Canada and Mexico, so it has grown tremendously in the past 13 years. We’ve built very strong relationships with our customers. Our best advertising is just word of mouth.

“IDD is one of the only companies to be an authorized vendor to all of the buying groups in the industry: IJO, RJO, CBG, LJG, SJO & BIG,” Mr. Mehta says, adding that IDD is also a proud member of the AGS, The Plumb Club, JBT & IDCA. “I don’t know of any other company out there who is an authorized vendor to every single buying group in the country.”

IDD was honored to receive “Supplier of the Year” at the recently concluded IJO show in Minneapolis for the company’s outstanding service, ethics and performance. This is the third year in a row that IDD has been honored with the award.

IDD’s jewelry line is divided into three parts: Classic diamond jewelry programs (diamond studs, solitaires, three-stone rings, machine-set anniversary and eternity bands, etc.), Iddeal Bridal (a collection of more than 200 contemporary, vintage and traditional bridal sets that are beautifully designed and finely crafted, yet remarkably affordable) and exclusive jewelry collections. Most products are featured in 14-karat gold, but alternative metals including 18-karat gold, platinum and palladium may be ordered for most pieces. Multiple diamond qualities also are available for most products.

Global Network

IDD has been in business overseas more than 70 years – it’s a global company having associates and partnerships with offices and factories in Belgium, India, Israel, China and Thailand, giving the company an edge in bringing together the best values in the industry.

“Operations were launched in New York’s diamond district in 1984 by our business partner Mr. Girish Keniya, and he’s still working with us in New York,” Mr. Mehta says.

“In 1984, we started by selling only loose diamonds to wholesalers here in New York. After I moved here in 1999, we expanded to diamond jewelry and since then have set up a quite good team and a very strong network.

“We manufacture all of our classic diamond jewelry in New York, all of our studs, solitaires and other basics, which is what we’re very well known for,” he says. “We have a very nice manufacturing team that closely monitors the production cycle here in New York.”

IDD’s bridal and high-end jewelry is made in Hong Kong; fashion jewelry and particular collections are made in India and Hong Kong.

The company has four diamond-cutting factories and two jewelry manufacturing companies in India, Mr. Mehta adds. “With our partner company, we have a state-of-the-art, 70,000-square-foot jewelry factory with over 20,000 employees there. It’s actually one of the biggest diamond jewelry factories in India. All of our loose diamonds are sourced from our offices in India, giving us a consistent diamond supply at extremely competitive prices.”

Mr. Mehta says pricing and production are vital aspects of his business, but service is the most important.

“It’s what independent jewelers need today,” he says. “They also need a manufacturer who is completely focused on their needs. Some manufacturers mainly sell to major chains and department stores, and they use independent jewelers to dump their closeouts. We are one of the very few companies that are focused only on independent retailers.

“We have a very sophisticated and interactive website,” Mr. Mehta adds. “It’s very simple to use. We have over 300 customers who are constantly reordering online. More and more, customers are taking advantage of it and ordering online.”

Mr. Mehta says his company stocks more than 10,000 pieces for overnight delivery in diamond studs alone, part of IDD’s “Never Out” program. “All of the classic diamond jewelry categories like the studs, solitaires, three-stone rings, line bracelets, etc., are part of this program; that’s our strength,” he says.

“We just recently launched the new bridal collection Iddeal Bridal with a complete marketing package to help position our customers as the leader in their market for bridal jewelry. We have also launched our 2012 holiday marketing program with a gift catalog and flyers. We customize these with the jeweler’s name and logo. We want to be the manufacturer behind the plan.”

Iddeal Star Collection

IDD’s Iddeal Star Collection, which was launched last year, has been greeted with phenomenal success.

“It has done wonders,” Mr. Mehta says. “In just one year’s time, it has become one of our top-selling collections.”

IDD-ring-Sept IDD-band-Sept

IDD offers all types of diamond jewelry, from basics like stud earrings, solitaires and anniversary bands , to branded collections like Iddeal Bridal.

IDD says the Iddeal Star Collection is “crafted with exacting precision and the most advanced diamond setting techniques. The jewelry reflects the perfect harmony between old craftsmanship and exquisite styling. What sets this collection apart from others is its unusual diamond setting which reflects the boldness of a single, much larger stone, while providing a value that is incomparable.”

Not many factories in the world are capable of making this specialized Iddeal Star jewelry, Mr. Mehta says. “Every diamond has to be set under a microscope. It’s our trademark collection, and a lot of our independent retailers have found tremendous success with the collection.

“All of our efforts and resources are directed toward helping our independent jewelers become more successful and compete in today’s ever-changing environment. That’s what they appreciate, and that’s what has helped us grow.”

For more information about IDD, please call 800-621-1162, visit the website www.iddjewelry.com or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..