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The power of passion and energy

BarfieldToday I would like to share with you a little treasure that will lead you to a long and lasting sales career in retail. It is the importance of learning how to maintain your levels of passion and energy in your sales career. In the world of retail sales passion and energy is the fuel that drives you to greatness. A sales career without passion and energy is very much like a car running out of gas. The simple fact is that you will not be able to get very far without maintaining a high level of passion and energy.

How many times have you witnessed someone walk away from their sales career when everything seemed to be going well? The sales professional’s numbers seemed to be ok and there were no indications they would walk away from what seemed to be a successful sales career. Often it is because they are burned out and cannot find a renewed passion and energy to continue on. At first they thought a vacation might remedy the situation. They return refreshed with a new found sense of urgency, thinking all is well. A few weeks later they are empty again and looking for answers. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Today, I will give you the answers to help you maintain a brighter future in retail sales

In order to help you better understand passion and energy it is important to know that everyone possesses a mental passion and energy tank. When it’s full, life in business often operates like a fine tuned machine. However, sales professionals in today’s world of retail often face one major challenge; the inability to properly maintain and replenish this precious resource. It is the stresses and demands of the modern day world that often create holes in a sales associate’s passion and energy tank allowing this precious fuel to trickle away. Without the proper knowledge or insight on maintaining passion and energy they often lead unfulfilled sales careers with very little purpose or meaning.

There are so many things in today’s world that can cause you to lose your passion and energy. It could be financial problems, relationship problems, illness, or even a negative work environment. The list is endless when you really think about it. All of these things can cause holes to appear in your emotional tank and allow your passion and energy to leak out leaving you desperate for answers. That is why it is very important to learn to manage your mind daily and fill up your passion and energy tank. This will allow you to perform at a higher level and give your customers the ultimate experience.

Many of the problems on today’s sales floors can be repaired by starting with a renewed spirit of passion and energy. I recommend to start by looking at your work environment you and your co-workers have created. How much passion and energy do you see? Are your customers receiving the proper passion and energy that they desire? It is important to remember that your customers possess passion and energy tanks as well. Many of them enter your store on empty and it is your job to fill them up by offering amazing service with a show-time experience.

Always remember that people will mirror whatever you decide to put out. Positive passion and energy will bring about positive results. On the other hand negative energy with a lack of passion will lead you to negative results. Think of the impact that passion and energy could make in your store environment if you showed excitement towards every single customer that you served no matter what their buying potential may be. Your customer base would grow rapidly! How do I know this? It is because the passion and energy that flows out from you will begin to fill up your customers’ emotional tanks. You are now giving them a gift that is priceless and hard to find these days. You are going beyond the basic customer service and impacting your customers’ lives in a meaningful way.

Take a moment and think about that last statement. You are not just selling your customers anymore! You are impacting their lives in a powerful way and sharing something special with them that they might be lacking. How could they not repay you with their loyalty, trust and business? They somehow feel indebted to your kindness and the gift that you gave them without even knowing it. This is one of the many secrets to my success that has transformed me into a successful sales professional.

There are a few things I recommend that can help you start to renew your passion and energy. The first would be to show up at work 15 minutes early every day and set your mind for success. Take this time to examine your life and expose the areas that might be draining you of your passion and energy. In these few moments put aside all the negative things that bind you and hinder you from greatness. Fill up your passion and energy tank daily with an intense focus and desire for success. Any issues or problems that you are facing in life will be waiting for you when you clock out.

Secondly, I suggest that you focus on areas of your life that have caused holes to appear in your emotional passion and energy tank and begin to repair them. I encourage you to read my article of Understanding Life’s Defining Moments to gain a deeper understanding. It can be found on the Southern Jewelry News website, www.southernjewelrynews.com under columnist Brian Barfield.

In closing, I challenge everyone to look within and check their current levels of passion and energy. Are you in need of a fill-up? Are there things happening in your life that are draining your passion and energy? If so, how can you plug up the holes that are allowing this valuable fuel to leak away? If you take the time to re-connect with yourself you will be amazed at how many answers you will find.

In my next article I will share this skill in greater depth. As always if you know anyone who could benefit from this insight please pay-it-forward.

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