Last updateThu, 17 May 2018 7am

Montesino International introduces Destination® Bead Collection


Montesino International, Inc., manufacturers and distributors of Caribbean Bracelet Company®, Mar Azul Larimar®, Custom Clasp Collection™, and Destination® Bracelet Collection jewelry lines has been a leader in niche market Destination® Jewelry for more than 20 years. The company is constantly freshening up their styles, and this season, the “Your Town” Memories™ Destination® Bead Collection, which captures the feel of the areas intended with customizable Destination® accents, is the latest offering to increase sales and build customer loyalty.

The line of beads has many of life’s moments and leisure pursuits represented, and are available with the Destination® lettering of “Your Town” emblazoned on each memory bead.  The initial offering of 50 designs will be available for ordering as of April 2011, with a target of 100 designs to be completed by mid-summer, with prices starting at under $12 wholesale.


“The affordable nature of these beads will surely be a welcome addition to any retailers showcase, and with the customized stackable, easy to manage POS display and signage that is offered to retailers, the move into the line will be seamless and easy,” says company president Mitchell Ousley.  An easy to achieve minimum purchase amount and low minimum re-order quantities keeps the initial and ongoing investment to a low amount, with POS marketing materials available at low cost as well.

“A passion for beads dates back thousands of years to early man’s desire to express themselves through adornment,” Ousley said.  “We just added a touch of a favorite Destination™ to help folks express their love of a special place where some of their fondest memories reside, no matter where it may be.

“The  Destination® concept is all about the sense of community and pride involved in being a part of a memorable place. No matter if it is a big city or a beach town, if you have wonderful memories associated with that place, the Destination® jewelry lines help bring you in to that community by wearing your pride for all to see.

“People who own my pieces have told me stories about seeing someone else with a piece of Destination® jewelry on, and they automatically strike up a conversation about that place in which they both share a common love. That to me is a connection, and connection to other humans, no matter how small is something we all should embrace.”

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