The Retailer’s Perspective: Technology in a brave new world


About 2 or 3 years ago I was going to write about how retailers were dealing with the onslaught of employees bringing their personal cell phones into work. Right about then my cell phone rang and I got sidetracked and forgot.

Fast forward a few years and now we’ve got a whole new situation. MySpace, FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. have invaded the world. So now I wonder how everyone is dealing with it? Hang on a second, I’m getting a text:

R U N 4 hppy hr?

Yes I am! Sorry about that. Gotta meet a friend... er, I mean a client after work. As I was saying, businesses have a whole new situation to contend with... hang on again. I just got a FaceBook e-mail from an old high school classmate I haven’t seen since graduation. Give me just a second to respond.

Wow, that was cool. I haven’t heard from him in like 30 years. Anyway, as I was saying. Trying to keep a balance between social networking and business networking is... Oh look, one of my subcontractors just updated her MySpace page. She got a new puppy. How cute.

Like I was saying... NO WAY! Seems on my Twitter update, Jon Gosselin has just stolen $230,000 from Kate Gosselin and left her unable to pay her bills. How could he do that?

Sorry about that. Oh, hang on, a client just e-mailed me back through FaceBook. Let me get back with him real quick:

Yeah, I’m here tomorrow. Go ahead and send the package. Thanks.

Like I was saying, the social networking side and the business networking side are becoming almost interchangeable. There was a time when work was work, and personal was personal. In an interconnected world the lines are not so clear anymore. Hang on again. I just got an IM from my old friend Valerie Alexander that I must take.

Hey Girl. Give a minute, I’m finishing up a column?

Okay. I’m back. Where was I? Oh yeah.

Does your store have a policy about the amount of computer time your staff can spend on social networking sites? I’ve talked to a lot of retailers that have expressed concern over trying to make them all make sense. Almost everyone is on one of the social networking sites. Most people are on several. Personally for me, I’m... well, it appears I’m going to answer another FaceBook e-mail telling me the pearls I was having restrung are ready. Excuse me just a moment;

Thanks. I’ll pick them up in the morning.

Like I said... hang on again. Oh dear. My niece just updated her FaceBook page and it appears she has a headache. Where was I? Oh yeah, my niece has a headache. Let me respond to her real quick.

Is it a hangover? Ha ha...

I’m sooo funny I crack myself up sometimes. Now, back to business.... right after I respond to someone who has taken offense with my FaceBook status.

I still stand by my statement that Charlie Sheen is the best male actor working today.

Some people just have no appreciation for talent. Now, where was I? Oh yeah, my niece. No wait, I remember, my column.

Like I said, about 2-3 years ago I was wanting to write about how owners and managers were dealing with employees bringing their cell phones to work. The most common argument back then was; I need it in case there’s an emergency. Let me just tell you. I am an emergency responder and MY cell phone doesn’t go off that often for emergencies, so forget that one. But now, about 8 or 9 years later, cell phones are the norm. Every salesperson gives customers the store number and their cell phone in case they need to get in touch on their day off.

Most businesses now not only have a website, but they have a MySpace page and a FaceBook page. Hell, the whole point of this article is to... apparently answer Valerie’s IM real quick...

Ha Ha...

Sorry ya’ll, it’s been a busy day around here. Anyway, the whole point of this article really is to try and get all of the readers of Southern Jewelry News and Mid-America Jewelry News to go to our new FaceBook page “I’m a fan of Southern Jewelry News” and become a fan. We’d like everyone to participate in some of our new online discussion boards. Come on and join the fun. Heck who knows, we may even rehash the debate over the comedic genius of Charlie Sheen with....

Oops, gotta go again. Something unexpected just happened...

A real customer just walked in...

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