Last updateTue, 19 Jun 2018 9pm

Antique jewelry wholesaler eFiligree, Inc. unveils new website


For decades antique jewelry wholesaler eFiligree’s loyal customer base has relied on them for the industry’s broadest array of authentic antique filigree mountings and period jewelry. But their re-launch of a completely modernized website created a buzz at the recent Tucson GemFair where they did brisk business this year.

The company known for their pristine original antique jewelry and semi-mounts is also celebrated for their extensive knowledge of antique and period jewelry. Therefore retailers who are not adept at articulating the different époques to their customers receive educational support from eFiligree to assist in their sales presentations.

The re-launch of eFiligree’s website at www.efiligree.com proves to be a beautiful visual experience and extremely user friendly. A brief new tutorial page outlines each jewelry era chronologically and explains what distinguishes each one.  The frequently updated inventory is presented with inviting photographs, clear product descriptions, and SRP; all of which are powerful tools for the retailer. eFiligree does not sell directly to consumers, but helps retail visitors locate the nearest store for purchase of the jewelry.

This well designed new website and its updated content provide real time access to the trade’s most comprehensive collection of antique filigree mountings and other treasures of a by-gone era in a sumptuous platform. eFiligree’s custom restoration of each piece gives the retailer a leading edge in selling these exquisite items. Merchants are assured their customers cannot go price shopping elsewhere - or find these one-of-a-kinds at the competition.

Finally, the push to go green is huge, causing modern designers to scramble and set uncut stones in recycled metals for their eco-conscious customer. But the ultimate in “going green” actually lies with eFiligree’s authentic, fully restored antique jewelry.

Learn more about how eFiligree, Inc. can create a profit center for you by visiting www.efiligree.com, or by calling 888-345-4473 during normal business hours. Speak with owners Tuvia or Dori Paul; authorities in antique jewelry and dedicated to educating retailers with information that sells - and jewelry their customers have only dreamt about.