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Charlotte Preston Catalysts introduces 2.0 Jewelers Groups™


Designed for the next generation of independent jewelers

Charlotte Preston Catalysts (CPC) offers 2.0 Jewelers Groups™ designed for next-generation jewelers who work full-time in an independent retail jewelry store where at least one relative of the previous generation also works full-time.

CPC 2.0 Groups are designed for sons, daughters, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law, nieces, nephews, or grandchildren working full-time in their stores with the hope that they might own the store one day. The CPC 2.0 Groups provide a confidential, educational and long-lived connection among members.

Charlotte Preston
Preston, who develops industry conference programs for trade events such as the AGTA GemFair™ and RJO, has been facilitating management groups for independent jewelers since 2004.

Member Bill Sites, Sites Jewelers says, “Our conferences are well organized so that as a jeweler, all I have to do is show up ready to participate. Charlotte has taken care of all the details of the meeting. Charlotte encourages group interaction during the meeting and always knows just the right time to ask those difficult questions that will force one to think.”

“The personal and industry interaction that these groups offer gives the participant a solid foundation to move to the next level,” says Charlotte Preston. “I look forward to helping the next generation of jewelers prepare to move into leadership in their business community.”

Two groups are currently in formation, an RJO/CPC 2.0 Jewelers Group, which is reserved for RJO member stores, and a CPC 2.0 Jewelers Group which welcomes next-generation jewelers from independent stores. Each group becomes a mutually supportive and mutually accountable team. The experience and knowledge of each group member are key resources used in the professional growth of all group members.

Membership costs include a quarterly management fee per store and meeting participation expenses.

Questions? Call Charlotte Preston at 651-653-3919 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

How CPC 2.0 Jewelers Groups Work

  1. Build a peer group and learn how other independent businesses address issues which face you in your family business.
  2. Meet with other next-generation jewelers twice a year for business and tour the host member’s store to expand your own horizons.
  3. Make business relationships with non-competitors to explore, test, and develop your strategic skills to develop profitability and to contribute to your community.
  4. Connect with the facilitator Charlotte Preston monthly for coaching and to share updates with your group. Preston makes use of the expertise of group members to engage and strengthen all in the group, serves as an information and resource expert and as a mentoring coach, not as an authority on an independent retail business.