Last updateTue, 19 Jun 2018 9pm

Collegiate Bead Co. introduces new school colors beads


(ROYAL OAK, Mich.) - Collegiate Bead Company, manufacturer of entirely American-made college and sorority beads designed to fit the popular Pandora and Chamilia style charm bracelets, has added enameled school colors to its product lines and now offers online order fulfillment capabilities to retailers nationwide.

College-JanThe product line addition is the result of a new manufacturing partnership with Grand Rapids, Mich.-based Terryberry that positions Collegiate Bead Co. for rapid growth and further product expansions expected to include college charms, sorority bracelets and other accessories featuring the marks of leading American universities and Greek organizations.

The company currently offers hand-finished products bearing the logos of more than 120 colleges and universities and more than 20 sororities. Top-selling beads to date include those of the University of Michigan, Ohio State University, Penn State University, West Virginia University, University of Alabama, Washington State University and Virginia Tech University, as well as sororities Delta Zeta and Kappa Delta.

Collegiate Bead Co. is expanding its order fulfillment capabilities to meet increased demand from university bookstores, gift shops, jewelry stores and other retailers. The company recently established a dedicated order fulfillment department to ensure retailers have the option to sell the products without having to hold them in.

“The future of jewelry retail necessitates partnerships that allow retailers to sell without ever having to touch the products,” said Collegiate Bead Co. owner Dave Schowalter. “That is what Collegiate Bead Co. is making possible through enhanced order fulfillment.”

The partnership with jewelry manufacturer Terryberry resulted from Schowalter’s unwavering refusal to move production to China. His drive to keep his products “Made in the USA” led him on a two-year cross-country odyssey that ultimately brought him home to Michigan. He expects the partnership could create up to 50 jobs in Michigan and could allow Collegiate Bead Co. to double production to a rate of 200,000 units annually in just the next six months.

According to Schowalter, growth opportunities for Collegiate Bead could include sports licensing agreements with organizations like the National Football League (NFL) and the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA). Collegiate Bead also customizes beads for high schools and community organizations and offers items featuring the names of popular travel destinations.

For more information please visit www.collegebeadco.com or call 248-515-2718.