Last updateWed, 13 Jun 2018 12am

Stuller and Lafayette General Medical Center partner to launch telemedicine clinic


New virtual clinic demonstrates the possibilities of combining medicine and fiber.

(LAFAYETTE. La.) - Stuller, Inc. and Lafayette General Medical Center (LGMC) have partnered to bring the next generation of healthcare to Lafayette, LA.

Stuller’s telemedicine clinic opened its doors on May 7.
Acadiana’s first telemedicine clinic opened May 7 inside of Stuller’s global headquarters, providing its 1200 associates daily access to primary care physicians and other medical resources.

The community non-profit FiberCorps helped facilitate the project’s technical and operational setup. They established the two-way audio and HD video conferencing that Dr. Joseph Orgeron, M.D., the project’s primary physician, uses so that he can remain at his office during the day. The clinic has numerous virtual tools at its disposal including a Bluetooth stethoscope and digital otoscope. And onsite, LGMC provides a clinical staff member to facilitate exams and serve as liaison between the patient and physician.

“Fiber-powered technologies like video conferencing offer so much potential to revolutionize our community,” says FiberCorps Executive Director, Geoff Daily. “We’re excited to help Stuller and LGMC implement this project, which benefits so many.”

Through a shared vision, Stuller and LGMC began the pilot program, seeing the convenience it created for associates and the significant savings in healthcare costs (telemedicine visits are reimbursed at half of in-person visits).

Patients conference with the project’s primary care physician, Dr. Joseph Orgeron, M.D. while he’s at his resident office.
“Our mission is to restore, maintain and improve health,” says LGMC President & CEO, David L. Callecod. “Partnering with Stuller, one of the biggest employers in the area, provides us with an opportunity to do just that.”

“Stuller is its people and I want to make sure our associates have the best possible opportunity for wellness,” says Stuller founder Matt Stuller. “This clinic and our new wellness initiative create a positive work environment promoting personal well-being and growth.”

The telemedicine clinic is just one of the many wellness projects Stuller has implemented this year. Others include increased health education, the hiring of a wellness-focused intern and a variety of exercise programs.

For more information, contact Stuller at 800-877-7777 or www.stuller.com.