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4 reasons why jewelers fail Facebook & what you can do about it!

A recent survey by Pew Research revealed four top reasons why people ‘Unlike’ a Business Page on Facebook. When someone becomes a Fan by ‘Liking’ your Facebook Page you are provided with a powerful opportunity to continually place your marketing message in front of them.  When they Unlike your page you have failed, and lose this opportunity for your messages to show in their Newsfeed.

By understanding the reasons why businesses lose Fans and fail on Facebook (and more importantly how to avoid these mistakes) you can make your Facebook Marketing more successful. Let’s take a look at each of these and what jewelers can do to become more effective.

The content became repetitive or boring over time.

Jewelry is one of the most tantalizing and stimulating subjects to talk about, but far too often jewelry store pages on Facebook fall victim to this issue. The posts on your Facebook page need to grab people’s attention, provide interesting information, be exciting to look at, and be entertaining!

Add humor to some of your posts. Tell interesting stories about the history of jewelry, diamonds, and gemstones. Share folklore and ancient beliefs regarding different gemstones and diamonds. There is an endless supply of tidbits and stories about jewelry to entertain your audience.

Nothing is more boring than a plain text post on a Facebook page.  Pictures are essential! Jewelers are fortunate to have a wealth of pictures of exciting jewelry to display, but far too often jewelry is posted in boring pictures on a white or plain background that looks like a catalog page from an online shopping website.

Instead, place your jewelry on interesting backgrounds. Use royalty free stock photos and images showing happy people as a backdrop or other images to help communicate your message. By doing so it will add interest to your pictures and catch people’s attention as they quickly scroll through their Newsfeed, causing them to stop and read your post.

When creating your images you want to add interest to your photos without distracting from the jewelry. An easy way to do this is to slightly fade or blur the background image and keep the jewelry sharply in focus.

People are NOT inspired by seeing jewelry that is similar to the items they see every day in their own jewelry box. Seeing the same old jewelry can become boring. Showcase your popular selling jewelry, but mix in some large beautiful diamonds, gorgeous gemstones and extravagant jewelry. People who love jewelry are excited to see these magnificent creations and are inspired to own similar but more affordable jewels.

The company’s posts were too promotional.

Go to your Facebook page and scroll down through your past posts. Is all your content about your jewelry store? Are your posts all focused on a sale you are having, new jewelry you are carrying, or some reason to come into your store?

If so, then you may be hindering your success on Facebook. Remember the 80-20 rule. Less than 20% of your posts should advertise your store or the products and services you offer. 80% or more should educate or entertain your audience in a manor related to the jewelry industry.

When you make a post on your page, Facebook automatically brands that post with your icon and store name. To repeatedly add your jewelry store name in the text and picture of your posts is not only redundant, but can annoy some people. When this happens they will Unlike your page and miss out on all your future posts.

The posts were not focused on real value.

Once again, jewelers are very fortunate to have a wealth of information to share with their Facebook audience, yet many fail in this aspect as well. Share with your Fans tips on caring for their jewelry, the latest jewelry fashion trends, as well as what to look for when buying diamonds, gemstones, and jewelry. Inform people of the dangers of buying jewelry online and why they should shop in a local brick-n-mortar store. Provide information on the different colors and types of gemstones and how to build a jewelry wardrobe. And the list goes on and on.

By providing value in your posts, you establish your jewelry store as THE expert in the area and THE #1 place to shop for jewelry.

Offer value in the information you share, but don’t sound like a text book! Make your posts interesting as well as informative. Use attractive photos to help convey your message, and write your content in an easy to read, compelling manor.

The posts were too chit-chatty and off topic.

People became a Fan of your page because they enjoy jewelry and/or like your store. They did not Like your page to receive updates on the latest trending topic on Facebook, funny pet videos, or celebrity gossip.  These kinds of posts are all popular on Facebook and appropriate on your Personal Profile, but NOT on your Business Page.

The content you post to your page should create a desire to own and wear jewelry. It should establish you as a knowledgeable jeweler and a jewelry store that people want to do business with. Fans Liked your page to stay informed about jewelry. Meet that need and they will be eager to buy jewelry from you. Stray away from that objective and they will Unlike your page and you will lose the opportunity to market to them in the future.

As you can see, your success or failure on facebook greatly depends on the content you post. Facebook Marketing equals Content Marketing. You need fresh, new jewelry-related content posted daily to your page that educates and entertains your audience. For additional ideas and information on social media content for your jewelry store visit www.Internet4Jewelers.com/FBcontent.

Brad Simon is co-owner of Internet 4 Jewelers and specializes in Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and Local Search Marketing exclusively for retail jewelry stores. For more information you can contact him at 864-680-4416 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..