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The Story Behind the Stone: Something old, something new, something fabulous... something blue

Bridal wear is pretty predictable stuff. Pure white diamonds, demure pearls, that’s about it. But Yael Designs saw a way to infuse just the right touch of color, bringing renewed excitement into bridal accessories. It also provides a bride with ‘something blue’ to boot.

Jarrett-JulyBaroness earrings by San Francisco designer Yehouda Saketkhou allows a bride to create a more individualized look without stealing the thunder from her all important wedding gown.

Yael’s choice of tanzanite for the color-accent also sends a subtle message not lost on jewelry fans. Tanzanite, a mid-twentieth century discovery can only be found in a single region in the world. The few deposits producing this blue-violet gemstone are all located within a few kilometers of each other in Tanzania. This rare and finite stone underscores the unique once-in-a-lifetime event for the bride.

The most coveted cut for Tanzanite is the trillion shape found in these earrings. The cut offers the best viewing opportunity to observe the tri-chroic nature of this stone. Tri-chroism means that by orienting a stone in different directions under the same lighting, one can observe three distinct hues, most often seen as bright flashes. In superb tanzanite, the flashes are blue, violet, and pink-red.

These innovative earrings should embolden brides to explore colorful ways for modernizing their bridal jewels and inject another layer of personalization in their big day. Retailers can adapt this concept to stock they already have in store, and re-think what jewels they should offer as bridal wear. A little touch of well placed color in her jewels distinguishes the bride, whether she opts for a traditional look or a more contemporary bridal interpretation.

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