The Story Behind the Stone - The Geology of Glamour

Highly traditional jewelry has given way to a preference for the individualized look amongst today’s jewelry collectors. One-offs from big name designers are the rarified domain of deep pockets. But savvy retailers who want to offer a unique experience to their customers seek out exotic stones to accomplish this mission.

While exotic gemstones offer intrigue to collectors, it’s valuable to note for retailers that their often attractive price points can also entice consumers making it win-win all around.

Jarrett-MarchDrusy - or druzy quartz - has been around for as long as geologists have been cracking open geodes. The material grows alongside other gem minerals and can be found pretty much worldwide. Until about a decade back, very little was known about drusy. But the upsurge in personalized jewelry brought this stone to the fore as a true natural exotic gemstone choice.

Its crystal structure is cubic, resulting in a formation appearing like millions of tiny sugar crystals covering the matrix host. Those random close grown crystals allow it to catch light from every possible direction making it sparkle any way it’s viewed.

Jewelry fans like to see the up close and personal mineralogy in its natural formation. While other gemstones need to be cut into facet shapes to be saleable, drusy is what it is, and this allows collectors who embrace the natural look in accessories to collect a minimally processed beauty.

Jewelry artist Heather Benjamin’s design aesthetic features natural objects for women who embrace a globally inspired style. Drusy is a perfect fit in her inspired collection.  “Celestial meets terrestrial in this crystallized rock formation,” she says. “Customers are mesmerized by this stone and perplexed by its geological formation. It’s traditionally one of the most popular stones in our collection.”

Consider adding drusy to your inventory this year and watch the reaction from customers who are “looking for something different.” Many times shoppers don’t know what they want until they see it, and this option may be just the ticket to make a sale and strengthen loyalty to you and your expertise.

Award winning trade journalist and gemologist Diana Jarrett is a Registered Master Valuer Appraiser and a member of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers (NAJA). She’s a popular speaker at conferences and trade shows. Jarrett writes for trade and consumer publications, online outlets, Color-n-Ice blog, and at Contact her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., visit her website at, and/or follow her on Facebook and Twitter (Loupey).