Last updateThu, 17 May 2018 7am

Don’t let a USPS shipping service’s change of name confuse your shipping decisions


Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company began reaching out to its commercial policyholders on July 29 to guide them through a potentially confusing and costly change of name assigned to a particular United States Postal Service (USPS) delivery service.

On Sunday, July 28, 2013, USPS changed the name of its Express Mail® service to Priority Mail Express™. Don’t confuse the newly named Priority Mail Express™ service with another USPS shipping option called simply Priority Mail™. The two are not the same.

Jewelers Mutual’s shipping coverage has not changed, and packages shipped via Priority Mail Express™ (formerly called Express Mail) will continue to be automatically covered under Jewelers Mutual’s Jewelers Block, Jewelers Standard, and “Pak” insurance policies.

Be sure to use Priority Mail Express™ to ensure that you’re using the shipping service that is automatically covered in your Jewelers Mutual insurance policy.

Jewelers Mutual is sending hard copies of new materials featuring the updated shipping information to its commercial policyholders to help business owners safeguard their valuable shipments and train employees.