Last updateWed, 13 Jun 2018 12am

Oklahoma jeweler wins not one, but three business awards


It’s been an amazing year for the folks at J. David Jewelry in Oklahoma with not one, not two, but three city and state sponsored business awards coming their way. Owners Joel and Kendra Wiland are proud to hold the titles of Crystal Star Entrepreneurial Success Award for the Tulsa Regional Chamber as well as Small Business Association Entrepreneurial Success winners for the state of Oklahoma and Retailer of the Year for their store in Broken Arrow, OK.

J-David-OctWhile the accolades are a tremendous testimony to their success, they remain humble about their business and the awards that have come their way. They stay committed to their original business philosophy of focusing as much on the relationship with their customer as their product, even to the point of risking profit loss.

“There are numerous reasons why Joel and Kendra deserve these awards,” remarks Patti Tremonti, project manager at J. David Jewelry. “Not only do they strive to make everyone who walks through their doors feel valued and worthy, but they remind their employees every day that the goal is to make their customers feel loved, regardless of how much they spend.”

But, perhaps the most influential decision the Wiland’s made was to discontinue their policy of holding merchandise sales. Compelled to offer a set price regardless of who or when product is purchased, Joel Wiland felt selling the same product at full price one day and then marking it down by half the next left some of his customers at a disadvantage, and he decided to take action.

“It just didn’t feel fair or honest to our customers. We felt our products should be priced according to what they’re worth,” explains Joel Wiland. “Kendra and I are here because God has grown our business from 3 rings and $500 to 3 successful locations. Our first year we only made $6000 in gross sales, which means we ate a lot of mac and cheese. 20 years later it’s good to see what God has done.”

With growth happening in every area of their business the Wiland’s proudly accepted the Small Business Association Entrepreneurial Success Award for 2014 from the city of Tulsa. Nominated by Patti, there’s no doubt her heart-felt letter detailing the Wiland’s commitment to running their business with integrity made the SBA take notice of the independent jeweler, their financial success and exceptional growth.

“We look for small businesses who not only display strong financial growth but that are expanding their customer, employee and product base,” states Heather Davis, executive director of Small Business at the Tulsa Regional Chamber. “The Wiland’s showed remarkable integrity and diligence with which they run their business and they have a large philanthropic participation which put them at the top of their class to win Tulsa’s Entrepreneur of the Year for 2014.”

With such positive recognition from the Tulsa Chamber, Davis and her team decided J. David Jewelry was an excellent candidate for the state competition and nominated the business for Entrepreneur of the Year for the state of Oklahoma - and J. David Jewelry won!

“I’ve learned a lot over the last 20 years and nowhere in the Bible does it say ‘take a leap of faith.’ It says the Word will be a light unto our path, a lamp. A lamp doesn’t project its light out to the finish line. It illuminates the next step. You must take the next step. So often people wait on God to show them what to do. More often than not I see people fail because they’re standing still.”

And taking the next step toward growth with integrity has been one of the Wiland’s success factors that caught the attention of the Tulsa Chamber and the state of Oklahoma. It was also a contributing factor to J. David Jewelry winning Retailer of the Year 2014 for the city of Broken Arrow, where their flagship store is located.

Congratulations to Joel, Kendra and their entire staff.