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Modern Day Selling:Sales Truth #4: Serving while Selling: a forgotten pastime


In last months article we discussed the power of self examination. Hopefully, you found great insight into taking control of your sales career and destiny. This month we focus on truth number four that will lead you to lasting success. It is the benefit of serving your customer as you are selling them.

I always like to think of the customer as the heart of our business. Just as the body could not function without the heart, we must always remember that our customers are the main reason that we exist. With that in mind, I have a very important question to ask you today. Are you serving while selling your customers? Take a moment and think about this question before you read any further.

The unfortunate truth is that sometimes we lose sight of serving our precious customers. Through the struggles of life in business, many sales associates can find themselves easily disillusioned and self centered. When this happens they begin to focus on themselves and the benefits that they will receive from their customers. Greed then takes root and their focus turns to things like the amount of the sale and commission dollars. Without even realizing it, they no longer are valuing their precious customer. Just like many people forget to value their heart, we sometimes forget to value our customers. Sooner or later it is going to catch up to you with major consequences to follow. This could lead to the eventual death of your sales career.

As you move along the path of your career, it is important to know about this deceptive pitfall. Make sure you recognize this dangerous trap before it is too late. For some of you this article might appear to be a little late. You might find yourself trapped in a deep pit of self centeredness as this light of truth is shining on you. If this is you I encourage you to take heart and read on. Becoming aware of your situation is the first step to freedom. Hopefully this article will give you the strength and vision to see your way out and a get you back onto the path to greatness.

One of the most important treasures that I have discovered in my sales career is the benefits of serving my customers as I was selling them. Once I began to value my customers, and focus solely on meeting their needs, it has created a large and loyal customer base that is constantly growing. Once your customer knows that you have their best interest in mind, sales will become easy and almost effortless. This is one of the secrets to becoming a million dollar seller year in and year out. Success will come when you conduct your business with integrity and honesty.

What does it mean to serve your customer? It is creating an environment that let’s your customer know that they are important and appreciated. The best way you can better serve your customer is to offer a service that benefits them. I always recommend a free ring cleaning and inspection while they browse. This allows them the space needed to feel respected and shows them that you desire to serve them. This often creates an obligation within the customer to give you their loyalty. Even if they do not purchase that day, they will remember you and the service you offered. Another way to make them feel important is to offer them a cold beverage or cup of coffee while they shop. Even if they decline, this reassures them that you are there to serve them.

The final skill I will share with you today is the power of a compliment. Remember that customers like to leave feeling good within. What better way than to acknowledge their achievements, knowledge and wisdom. Building your customers up is a great way of serving them as you are selling them. This creates a confidence within your customer that will erase any fears or doubts they may have originally had. Always remember that complimenting your customers always leads to confidence.

These are just a few skills to help you serve your customer better as you are selling. I challenge you to add these skills to your arsenal of selling tools. When you do these little things often you will find that your customers will have a greater loyalty to you.

For those of you wanting a more in depth knowledge on how to serve your customer better, I encourage you to read my book, “Modern Day Selling.” It is filled with great truth to lead you to lasting success.

Next month we continue with truth number five on the secrets to maintaining your passion and energy levels. If you often find yourself feeling burned out, then you will not want to miss it.

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