Last updateTue, 19 Jun 2018 9pm

Ashi Diamonds offering complimentary customized I Do Collection™ bridal website & digital e-catalog


(NEW YORK) - Ashi Diamonds is proud to introduce Ashi Baby Bridals™, a new collection of affordable yet elegant contemporary, traditional and vintage bridal sets. This stunning collection of engagement rings with bright center stones and matching bands features distinctive styling, designer looks, exceptional quality and attractive pricing - all of the qualities your bridal customers are looking for. Baby Bridals™ is the B2B brand of Ashi Diamonds; and for approved retailers, the I Do Collection™ is their exclusive B2C line - which brands their store as the “Place to Shop” for bridal jewelry. Together, the Ashi Baby Bridals™ and the I Do Collection™ are the perfect way for retailers to grow their bridal business and expand market share.

“All Ashi Baby Bridals™ are complete engagement sets, which are competitively retail priced from $995 to $2,995. This collection is perfect for the entry level bridal market and appeals to a very large quality conscious, yet budget minded consumer while allowing our retail partners to make the full margins that they deserve,” says Rajeev Pandya, Partner of Ashi Diamonds. “This popular price range of bridal represents over 35% of all bridal engagement sets sold, and reaches that segment of consumers that was previously lost to the major jewelry chains. With more than 125 brand new styles in the collection, customers are assured of finding the diamond bridal set of their dreams and the jeweler that gains their trust and wins their bridal business can cultivate these customers for a lifetime of repeat sales.”

“Approved retailers receive their very own complimentary and customized I Do Collection™ Bridal Website & Digital E-Catalog that showcases the entire Ashi Baby Bridals™ Collection all branded with their company name and logo, store information and picture, About Us and Promotion section, integrated e-mail system, as well as their choice of retail price markup - all which can be linked to their website,” says Pandya. “The best part is Ashi builds their complimentary I Do Collection™ Bridal Website on their own unique customized website URL,” for example:www.IDoCollection.com/YourStoreName.


Features of I Do Collection™ Bridal Website & Digital E-Catalogs include:

  • Customized and branded with approved retailers company name, logo, store information, integrated e-mail system and retail price markup.
  • Showcases more than 250 exquisite bridal styles.
  • Comprehensive style details and zoom & print options along with the e-mail system to convert prospects into buyers.
  • Displays high quality images in 3 view angles with print & e-mail options.
  • Grows your bridal business as customers e-mail their favorite style details to their family and friends - all branded with jewelers’ company name, logo & store info.
  • Dedicated interactive digital e-catalogs - enables website visitors to browse, flip pages, view, print & e-mail the bridal collection.
  • Displays high quality TV commercials via YouTube.
  • Over 100 pages of educational content to answer questions.

Ashi is also offering extensive marketing support for the Ashi Baby Bridals™ Collection that includes integrated POS display trays, brochures & counter cards, television & print ads, postcards & direct mail, duratrans & billboards, DVD loops & digital images and Bridal Website & Digital E-Catalog.

“At Ashi, our top priorities are to help independent retail jewelers to grow their business, maximize their sales, build their brand and position them as ‘The Store’ to shop for bridal jewelry in their market,” says Sanjay Pandya, Partner of Ashi Diamonds. “We are always looking for innovative ways to add value to our products and services to give our valued retail partners an edge over their competitors.”

To view an online Flash presentation on the remarkable features of the complimentary I Do Collection™  Bridal Website & Digital E-Catalogs please visit www.BabyBridals.com.

To View a Demo of the I Do Collection™ website, please visit www.IDoCollection.com/AshiDiamonds.

For more information please call Ashi’s New York office at 800-622-ASHI or your regional Ashi sales representative.