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Designers’ Inside Scoop! What’s trending now

Leading designers share with you their savvy on what’s trending now for 2015 - hot trends, styles, colors and a peek at what they’re launching for this year. The inside story of what you’ll be seeing at shows and on the runways… and what you’ll be wanting for your store!

Mia Graham FebSarah Graham is known for her high end, cutting edge, refined jewelry often featuring blackened metals juxtaposed with 18-karat gold in organic forms from nature.

“Regarding trends, I’m a strong believer that when you get into fine jewelry, price point trends become less important than personal style. No one is buying a $10,000 necklace to wear for only one season, after all. But the high-end market does see gentler swings in taste, ones that may take a few years to ebb and a few more to flow.

“I am seeing the ‘maker movement’ influence all areas of commerce, and jewelry is at the front of the line. The general public is obsessed with not just the look; they also want the who, the where, and the how! This translates into a demand for unique pieces, made in small batches, by personalities that are accessible. Making an impression with the largest stone, the most gold or the biggest brand name no longer garners the most prestige. Instead of bragging, ‘It’s (big brand name)’ when complimented on a piece of jewelry, you are more apt to hear, ‘It’s x (small designer name).’ ‘I went to her studio in y (hip up-and-coming city neighborhood). I saw her pulling the wire/carving the wax/casting the model. It was an amazing EXPERIENCE.’

“Experience is the trend that has been simmering for the last few years and will come to a boil in 2015. No one wants to be just a customer. They want to be a client, collector and ultimately friend of the designer with all the story-rich experiences that come with it. Jewelry with a story is so much more attractive than jewelry without.”

Mia Chi FebTrend alert: Jewelry with a story, jewelry as an experience, organic forms from nature, blackened metals and gold

Chi Galatea Huynh wins awards and hearts with his exceptional artistry transforming carved Tahitian pearls and gems into heirlooms.               

The NFC-empowered Momento Pearl™ from Galatea: Jewelry by Artist is the first cultured pearl to contain near field communication technology, allowing a user to create a tailored voice message that can be played when the pearl is tapped against a compatible mobile device. Taking smart jewelry to a completely new, emotional level, the patent-pending Momento Pearl can also store a variety of digital content including images, messages and videos.

Galatea gives Momento jewelry its voice by implanting an NFC chip deep inside the pearl. The tiny computer runs without a battery by induction energy. When the Galatea app is downloaded, the user records a message or uploads an audio file. By tapping the pearl against an NFC-enabled mobile device, the audio is played and other digital material displayed. From words of love and encouragement to wedding vows and Biblical passages, the emotional connections the Momento Pearl can make are truly endless.

“This is where the future of jewelry begins,” says inventor and Galatea founder Chi Huynh. “A person can ‘live’ in this pearl forever, as it holds the voice and memories of a loved one.” Despite its high-tech interface, the real interest in the Momento Pearl lies in its ability to summon a voice, a memory and emotion, says Huynh, who plans on introducing more NFC-enabled jewelry to include gemstones and diamonds over the coming months.      

Mia Courtney FebTrend alert: Technology and jewelry! From smartwatches to fitness tracking bracelets and pendants, jewelry gets smart              

Erica Courtney is the darling of Hollywood royalty with her fantastic Red Carpet-worthy designs.

“For our clients who are now looking for something unique and unusual we will be featuring color changed CSARITE® and rare tourmalines. We will also be featuring super bright pastels that will attract a lot of attention for our fashion savvy women.” 

Trend alert: Strong, vibrant color. Pantone’s color of the year rich, elegant Marsala. Look for this everywhere - rubies, shades of it in morganite and rose gold

Heath and Landon Slane, sisters inspired by a love of nature, architecture, and their rich southern heritage, have been designing classically modern jewelry since 1997.

Mia Slane FebLandon shares: “Recently seen everywhere on the catwalks of Fashion Week, pearls are going to be a huge trend for Spring 2015. So, we’re especially excited to be launching our Hampton collection this season! Combining pearls with sterling silver in fun, fresh, wearable designs, Hampton definitely breaks the ‘traditional’ mold in which pearls are so often confined.  This collection will compliment every woman’s style, and like all of our designs, can easily be worn day to night, couture to casual.”

Trend alert: Updated classics, fashion forward pearls, designer sterling

Mia Katrin is an award-winning jewelry designer featured in over 70 top stores nationally. She is available for lectures and seminars. To add her Collections or book a lecture: www.jeweljewel.com, 877 539-3569, facebook.com/MiaKatrinforJEWELCOUTURELLC.