The Good News

You've already heard the bad. It's been a long winter of economic meltdowns, full of recession-speak and bleak predictions.

Spring is in the air - finally! It's our reminder that nature moves in cycles. From every downturn, an upswing emerges. On the other side of winter's frozen impasse is spring's promise of renewed growth. By nature, spring is a time of hope.

Hope has consequences. Just watch the hair-trigger response of the stock market to daily - even hourly - trends in the news. Depression is a self-perpetuating cycle. Our attitudes affect reality. By focusing on the positive, you help create the reality you desire.

What's there to be hopeful about? What positive trends can the retailer focus on in the current climate?

Less Market Glut
In a market glutted for years with abundant inventory and competition, a winnowing is taking place. For years, we've seen a proliferation of the retail market from brick-and-mortars to the Internet and cable television shopping networks. Now large and small players - from the Fortunoffs to the small independents - are dropping out, leaving a smaller playing field. Redundant, stale inventories are being slashed. The upside for the resilient nimble survivors is a clearer playing field. Consumers, rather than being bombarded with overwhelming offerings, can be exposed to the best options, presented in a more enticing manner. Sometimes less is more. Capture your clients' attention. With less market overload, they will be more accessible to stimulate and excite.

Back to Basics
Business and the economy are returning to a sounder, more stable footing. Rather than business plans and projections based on inflated credit and economic bubbles, common sense is now returning to the fore. Solid, secure growth based on realistic predictions is better in the long run. Slow and steady saves the day.

Spring Cleaning
Now is a great time to restructure. Clean house, getting rid of stale inventory and non-productive lines. Reorganize your store, eliminating old displays and offering fresh arrangements. How about updating your store's image? Have you toyed with innovative options? Consult with your staff. Introduce new lines. You'll attract your loyal clients' attention and capture a new customer base. Investing in yourself breeds confidence. It shows you're here to stay.

Return to Real Value
In times of uncertainty, people are drawn to lasting, durable value. Gold reigns. Now's the time to market jewelry of heirloom value, emphasizing that gold, platinum, diamonds and precious gems are heirloom investments. Bridal traditionally does well, even in lean times. Real, lasting quality has heightened appeal in a fluctuating world.

New, Positive Trends
Change is in the air. The world is going green. Ride the wave by greening your business. Offer environmentally conscious jewelry, packaging and displays, including ethically sourced metals and gems, such as recycled gold. Offer jewelry with inspiring messages. There's a new social consciousness. People are pulling for one another. Offer collections with some of the proceeds donated to charity. Host your own charity events. Get involved. People will notice. You'll inspire others in your community. Positivity breeds success.


Mia Katrin is an award-winning, internationally celebrated couture jewelry designer, specializing in one-of-a-kind and limited edition high-end necklaces with precious gems in 18-24 karat gold and platinum. Her Collections, which have been worn by A-List Hollywood celebrities, are featured in many top galleries and stores throughout the country, where she regularly hosts Trunk Shows. Contact Mia via her website,, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (877) JEWEL-MY.