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A Day in the Life - A Jewelry Blogger’s Perspective

Mia panel NovI recently had the opportunity to interview Katerina Perez, Editor-in-chief of katerinaperez.com, with 50,000 followers and expanding rapidly. Her cutting-edge fine jewelry-focused website reveals the importance of the emerging trend of the blogosphere where her deep passion and exuberance for all things gems and jewelry shines through. Based in London she travels the world seeking the ultimate in world-class high-end jewelry. In Part II of our article she shares her experiences of a top end jewelry blogger’s life.

Mia Katrin: Katerina, can you share with our readers what you do day-to-day - travel internationally, visit designers, contact editors? What’s a ‘day in the life’ for you?

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Katerina Perez: Every day’s different. Today I had a photo shoot in the morning with some amazing jewelry for an upcoming feature, then spent a few hours with my videographer selecting the best moments for a teaser video I’m uploading on my website soon. Next I met with a jewelry brand who showed me select designs seeking my opinion. And this was just half of the day! The rest of the day I wrote articles, answered e-mails and then took a break for this interview. A 12-hour hectic day is a standard working day. One of my favorite parts is travelling. Every month I visit major jewelry shows or discover jewelers from various parts of the world.

MK: What inspires you about gems and jewelry? Why do you enjoy writing about them?

KP: I write about jewelry purely out of passion! When you love something so much, when it becomes an integral part of you, it’s hard to explain why you do it. Fine jewelry’s timeless. It marks historical moments, illustrates traditions, exemplifies changes in fashion and style. I see beyond the adornment function of jewelry. Jewelry bears the emotions of its creator, forever frozen in time. Jewelry can say more about the person than words. I crave to ‘hear’ those words. What fascinates me is this inspiration behind jewels - stories, techniques and craftsmanship.

MK: You’re originally from St. Petersburg, Russia. Tell us a little about your background.

KP: I grew up in St. Petersburg. After my graduation from The State University of Culture and Arts I moved to the UK nearly 10 years ago to pursue further study. I’ve always known my career would be tied up with art. Both my parents work in the field of art. My mum renovates paintings and my dad’s into the antique furniture business. London’s my home now. It’s also the heart of jewelry. I can’t imagine living anywhere else!

MK: How did you get interested in gems and jewelry? When did you become a blogger?

KP: Recently I discovered a photograph from my childhood. I must have been about three and am covered from head-to-toe in my grandma’s jewelry! My passion for jewelry must have started long before I can remember. It was just a matter of time until destiny guided me in the right direction. I worked for a few Bond Street jewelers where I had my first experience in dealing with high-end pieces. Handling jewelry with amazing gemstones ignited my desire to become a gemologist. I graduated from GEM-A in 2013. I was the jewelry editor of a V V Magazine – a Russian-British glossy published in London. Since it was published just four times a year I was left with so much information I wanted to share that I founded katerinaperez.com. Little did I know that a year later my website would develop into something much more than just a blog. I decided to give up my job and focus my attention on katerinaperez.com and its social media.

MK: Can you give us few examples of some of your most colorful stories and anecdotes? I’m sure you have some!

KP: The most memorable recent moment would be the cocktail party dedicated to the Fine Art of High Jewelry and Timepieces Awards that the National Jewelry Institute and the Parsons School of Design hosted for the first time in Paris. Imagine Haute Couture week in Paris. You’re on a terrace of Bristol hotel - the best hotel in the city - in the company of amazing designers like Cindy Chao and Lorenz Baumer. You finally get to meet Judith Price, the Founder of the National Jewellery Institute and Didier Brodbeck, the author of numerous jewelry books. Suddenly you spot Julianne Moore, your favorite actress, who’s casually sitting at a table a few meters away. Oh, I love my job!

MK: Thanks so much Katerina for this fascinating glimpse into your life and passion. Your website’s an inspiration!

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