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Rev It Up! Trends and Colors 2016


Spring’s in the air! And with it, Mother’s Day, weddings, graduations. Before you know it the fall season will be here. Get in the groove with the latest styles, colors and gems to tantalize your clients. Set some new dreams in motion! Some top trends we’ve been seeing that are sure to stir the imagination and rev up your sales:

Mia Courtney• Negative space. Less is more.

It’s sculptural. It’s minimal. It’s modern. Rings, bracelets, earrings that have volume including negative space stir the imagination. Designers are using precious metals - 18 karat gold and platinum - in impressive sizes without breaking the bank by incorporating open areas. Negative space adds an air of mystery and playfulness. It combines opulence and lightness. It’s now!

• Gems galore. And not just your garden variety.

Gone are the days when colored gems meant precious sapphire, ruby and emerald and perhaps an amethyst or exotic opal. After years of viewing jewelry on television and online your customers are much more sophisticated. In addition to traditional birthstones they’re requesting Paraiba tourmaline, Mexican fire opals, morganite and alexandrite. Designers are trekking the globe and sourcing rough material from Madagascar to Australia and Brazil. One-of-a-kind rare gems will set clients’ imaginations on fire. Showcase finished jewelry or unset gems and explore with clients multiple custom options. You’re opening the door to a world of possibilities.

• Stir it up with stackables.

Rings. Bangles. Necklaces. With stackables, more is more. Customers love to add to their favorite bangle or necklace… another one or two! It’s the perfect add-on sale. Combine different metals, gems and textures to add layers of appeal while keeping an overall similar theme or tone for continuity. Long necklaces and even collars take on a fresh new twist when stacked. Post photos of your favorite stackable looks on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to suggest possibilities and entice your clients.

• The story’s king. Sell its magic.

Jewelry’s personal. Adorning the wearer, gifted in significant life moments, passed on as heirlooms, its meaning becomes magnified. Launch its journey with a rich back story to stir the emotions. Designers provide a rich heritage with built-in story lines. Bespoke, one-off or custom pieces add personal appeal and are mainstay for many thriving retailers. The richer the romance, the more value’s added. Start with a dynamite story and weave its magic for your client. You may move mountains!

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Mia Katrin is an award-winning jewelry designer featured in over 80 top stores nationally. She is available for lectures and seminars. To add her Collections or book a lecture: www.jeweljewel.com, 877 539-3569, facebook.com/MiaKatrinforJEWELCOUTURELLC.