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Spring into Summer! Fashion Focus. Oscar Buzz & Beyond


Mia DawesThe Oscars 2017 was a fashion explosion! After years of “playing it safe” with unadorned necklines and “safe” colorless diamonds, empowered celebrities expressed themselves in bold statements, from Ruth Negga in Irene Neuwirth for Gemfields Mozambique ruby tiara in blackened white gold to Jessica Biel’s dramatic Tiffany & Co. collar of 18 karat gold fronds and diamonds - sculptural art. Each entrance was refreshingly surprising - exciting, glamorous and edgy.

As red carpet buzz morphs into summer and fall jewelry fashion trends, continue to expect the unexpected - bigger and bolder, asymmetric energy and the ongoing explosion of color. Some trends to watch out for:

• Fashion Fusion - The distinction between fine and fashion jewelry is passé. For the empowered woman self-purchaser, in-the-know about style and color, all fine jewelry must be fashion conscious. She’s expressing her individuality. And she’s not afraid to mix important high-end pieces with trendier seasonal looks at everyday price points. Look for a fusion also of materials - 18 karat gold and diamonds combined with elements such as Sarah Graham’s signature cobalt chrome, or even neoprene or leather.

Trend: Hi and lo. High-end customers may also buy everyday fashion pieces to mix and match. Casual shoppers may spring for an important piece. Don’t limit what you present to them. Think outside the box!

• Jewelry as Art - An emerging sculptural quality is visible everywhere. From dramatic statement necklaces, earrings and rings to intricate miniaturized detail, jewelry is an expression of the artist/designer and appreciated as art by the client. Hallmarks include negative “empty” space and asymmetry. Look for innovative continuity of head and shank in rings with the two elements blending together innovatively, as in Erica Courtney’s signature designs.

Trend: “Crossover” rings and bracelets evolving into intricate organic fine lattices with rich dimensional volume and negative space.

Mia Courtney Mia Graham

• Kaleidoscope of Color - Remember when colored gems were blue sapphires, rubies and emeralds? That’s so last millennium! Today’s savvy customer, groomed thru years of jewelry television and internet research, wants to be challenged, stimulated and surprised. Paraiba tourmaline, color change Csarite, Mexican fire opal, Padparadscha sapphire and multicolored tourmalines, spinel in every hue…the more exotic and dramatic, the better! Think peridot or prasiolite for “greenery,” Pantone’s color of the year.

Trend: Tone-on-tone pastels, mixing similar hues together, such as deeper and lighter shades of pink/red to pink/orange

• Stack it On - Stacks are in! Personalized ring stacks and bangle bracelet stacks allow the client to vary the look from day to day, adding on and exchanging pieces to suit her outfit and mood. Layered necklaces are a variation on the theme.

So break some boundaries! It’s a brave new world. Customers are seeking what’s fresh and new. They want to be excited and inspired. Surprise them - and you may end up surprising yourself.

Mia Katrin is an award-winning jewelry designer featured in over 100 top stores nationally. She is available for lectures and seminars. To add her Collections or book a lecture: www.jeweljewel.com, 877-539-3569, facebook.com/MiaKatrinforJEWELCOUTURELLC, subscribe to her YouTube channel www.youtube.com/channel/UC2B-53XBuB_HD5-bofc5jAA