Trunk Shows - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Do you have Trunk Show phobia? Are you avoiding booking shows? You’re missing out on a powerful marketing strategy! The key: minimize your investment exposure while maximizing your impact. Some fresh new ideas to “up your game”:

• What’s in a name?

If your customers have Trunk Show fatigue, try another concept! At “My Jewel” events I bring custom cut gems (including all the birthstones!) and their settings. Customers can hold a natural ruby in their hand, try it in a gold ring setting and put it on their finger. It’s fun, interactive, and makes the jewelry come alive. This event needs very little prep - a few Facebook and Instagram posts, an e-mail blast and personal invites to top customers.

Another current promotional concept is a “Pop-up Store.” Your designer sets up a mini-store within your store for the day.

Or try a “Meet and Greet,” an opportunity for a one-on-one with a nationally-known designer. Designers can sign brochures and write personal messages to go with purchases (on the model of a book signing).

Everyone loves a party! Offer wine in the evening, with models circulating wearing designer samples. Partner with a caterer, florist, or clothing boutique. Feature a prize or charity benefit.

• Enlist your designer

Your designer’s filled with fresh ideas how to organize an event. Brainstorm together and create something new. During the event go Facebook Live. Facebook will automatically notify all your friends that you’re live (must be on a personal, not business Facebook page). You could be broadcasting to hundreds or even thousands with minimal effort. Video-record the event and post on YouTube, your website and social media.

Have customers post pictures of themselves showing their favorite designer ring or bracelet “stack”. The photo with the most “Likes” gets a prize. Or post pictures of the designer’s newest best sellers. Everyone who Likes or Shares it is entered to win a prize at the in store event. You may go viral!

• Make it personal

Book half-hour designer consultations for before or after the show. With no obligation, the designer will meet with clients individually (like a department store make-up consultation or make-over). Have clients bring in their favorite pieces of jewelry they’d like to have redone, or to have complimentary pieces added to (matching earrings for a necklace, etc.). This is your designer’s forte. She can consider the client’s style, appearance, wardrobe and other jewelry and suggest additions. Is there a special event - wedding, graduation, charity event - your client has coming up? Has she picked out an outfit and is wondering how to accessorize? Have her bring in the outfit and try out what works.

Have a drawing for one complete jewelry wardrobe makeover. The designer meets with the drawing’s winner for a more in-depth consultation. The client brings in all their jewelry and sits down with the designer who reviews, seeing what needs to be re-gifted, what needs to be updated, and what gaps need to be filled. Does the client have all the basics - gold hoops, chains, pearl strands, etc.? Does she need an important statement piece for special events?

• Maximize your impact

I bring “Wish List” cards to shows. Clients provide their contact information. Pieces they loved during the show are listed. Birthdays and anniversaries may be noted. I photograph the card at the show and give the original to the customer (who can leave it as a “hint” at home).  A copy’s e-mailed to the store.

It’s crucial to have staff involved. They should oversee “their” clients at the show and suggest pieces that best suit them. After the show, staff should contact clients or their partners, especially at birthdays, anniversaries and holidays.

Set up a regular schedule of designer shows. Your goal is to cultivate collectors who will continually add to their favorite designer’s collections as they evolve.

So re-think the traditional Trunk Show. Add some magic. Keep it fresh and fun, for your clients…and you!

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