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The Luxury Privé experience - Retailers speak out

We recently from the lovely upscale Luxury Privé show hosted by JCK at New York’s Intercontinental Barclay Hotel. Surrounded by the buzz and glamour of Broadway, Times Square, the iconic Manhattan skyline and a babel of every possible language, you can see why New Yorkers feel they’re at the center of the universe.

Set in the heart of mid-town Manhattan, the historic 4.5 star Intercontinental Barclay’s a hidden jewel with an old world flavor. (Ernest Hemingway completed “For Whom the Bell Tolls” while in residence here after returning from Spain.)

Luxury Privé provided rich opportunities to hobnob with top industry designers and vendors, leading editors and A-list retailers - from Happy Hour at the hotel’s Gin Parlour to sumptuous catered luncheons. After hours we continued the festivities at the nearby Harvard Club - one choice in a wealth of world class venues.

The intimate, carefully curated atmosphere contrasted sharply with the vast mega-show JCK Vegas where we exhibited in June. Behemoth shows such as Vegas and Tucson provide ample opportunities to cast a wide net, to reach anyone and everyone. Intimate shows such as Luxury Privé provide the targeted atmosphere to cultivate deeper working relationships.

Which show model’s better? Which do you prefer? Based on our experience, both models are valuable - and complimentary. It pays to have a wide reach - to as many as possible - to establish brand identity and awareness. But success depends on cultivating deeper relationships. Opportunities to mingle and connect informally in a carefully curated environment are precious.

We asked several retailers who just returned from the show to share their impressions:

Patricia Faber, Aaron Faber Gallery, NYC, NY  

Mia Faber

“The best part of Luxury Privé for me is that it is curated, allowing me time and space to really stop and get to know the designers in the show, review their collections in detail, and learn about their inspirations and goals. We sell contemporary jewelry by the artist/designer brand, and that personal connection is invaluable.”

Carolyn Linder, Lindell, Jewelers, Brentwood TN

Mia Linder

“I have attended many buying group events over years in the jewelry business. I must say this show was one of the best shows, if not the best, I have ever attended. All the vendors were excited and thankful to show their line, willing to socialize and listen to us as buyers to see what they could do to make our business more successful. I genuinely had the greatest time working with so many of you! Thanks for allowing Lindell Jewelers to be included.”

David Craig Rotenberg, David Craig Jewelers, Langhorne PA

Mia Rotenberg

“The show was very well done…laid out well. The property was excellent and functioned well. There were plenty of pre-show and after-show opportunities to mingle and connect. The vendors were an excellent choice - great mix along with a terrific selection of merchandise.”

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