Last updateTue, 22 May 2018 10pm

Stuller’s Red Box Diamonds® certified by GemEx


(LAFAYETTE, La.) - Stuller’s diamond brand, Red Box Diamonds® is now supported by GemEx Systems, Inc., the global leader in diamond brilliance, fire and sparkle certification.

GemEx Systems uses its patented BrillianceScope® Analyzer to measure a diamond’s white light (brilliance), color light (fire) and scintillation (sparkle).  Select Red Box Diamonds are individually measured by the BrillianceScope and go through the GemEx quality control program, ensuring that each diamond measured has high-quality Light Performance®.

“By partnering with GemEx, we’re providing our customers with another valuable selling point they can utilize during point-of-purchase conversation,” says Stanley Zale, vice president of diamonds. “This method of selling diamonds appeals to consumers because of its focus on diamond beauty, rather than proportions or cut. A GemEx report increases customer confidence and trust, ultimately driving diamond sales. Red Box Diamonds, along with the GemEx System, marry the romance of the diamond buying process with a solid foundation for making a confident choice – a win-win for both retailers and their customers.”

In addition to a GemEx Light Performance report, Red Box Diamonds provide numerous value added benefits designed to build consumer confidence and loyalty. Some include: grading reports from several accredited laboratories - GIA, AGS or HRD, free loss protection for one year and a trade-up option.

Also featured on the Red Box Diamond website as part of Stuller’s virtual inventory is GemEx Live Report, an interactive online version of the GemEx certificate with select Red Box Diamonds applicable for certification. This report allows retailers and customers to:

1. View the light performance images in motion with diamond rating and any additional Red Box Diamond information

2. Compare diamonds based on brilliance, fire and sparkle

3. Send GemEx reports to customers’ cell phones by logging on to m.gemex.com and entering the report and customer cell phone number

GemEx Live Report can be used online or in store and is free for all retail jewelers using the Red Box Diamond program.

For more information contact Stuller at 800-877-7777 or www.stuller.com, or contact GemEx at www.GemEx.com.