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New non-profit celebrates jewelry industry contribution to developing world, local communities


First “Jewelers That Care” Awards going to leading suppliers, miners, manufacturers, designers, retailers honoring a multitude of projects.

(NEW YORK) - Members of the jewelry industry are mobilizing behind a new nonprofit with a global perspective, with key players planning to attend the first Jewelers That Care Awards ceremony at the JCK Las Vegas Show on Saturday June 5, at the Venetian Hotel.

Leading jewelry industry marketing and branding expert, public speaker and presenter Diane Warga-Arias will be master of ceremony. Jewelers That Care’s mission is to work with the world’s most precious resource: People.

Jewelers That Care’s efforts range from supporting infrastructure projects in the developing world to encouraging jewelers to engage in cause-related marketing so they can both help their communities and build their businesses.

“Jewelry is a passionate, romantic industry that spans the globe, but often we have trouble conveying this energy to potential customers,” says Jewelers That Care’s founder and executive director Alethe Clemetson. “By highlighting the international aspects of the business, and showing how stores and customers can work together to do good, Jewelers That Care will bring a multitude of benefits to the jewelry world and the planet at large.”

Jewelers That Care’s JCK event is a tool for accomplishing its mission. Attendees will get a chance to meet and network with industry leaders in a relaxed environment that will include a main course, salad, desert and wine. Winners will discuss their projects and offer advice and encouragement to the industry at large. The cost for the event is $1,500 for a table of 10. Individual seats will cost $225. Numerous industry leaders have said they plan to be at the event. Organizations receiving awards include:


Hoover & Strong, with Torrance Hoover, president, receiving the award. Few companies have demonstrated more successfully and powerfully that green can turn into gold in the jewelry industry.

Hoover & Strong has helped improve the reputation of a business that is often better known for the intense environmental impact of its operations than for taking care of nature’s needs. Environmentalism isn’t just a cause for Hoover & Strong - it is a highly profitable way of doing business, something that has burnished the image of the entire jewelry world.

Columbia Gem House, with founder Eric Braumwart receiving the honor for a company that embodies contribution in its fundamental ways of operation. From intensive participation in health and safety issues, both in mining and gem cutting sectors, Columbia Gem House worked to bring the concept of transparent supply chains so that the social and ecological benefits can be exposed and highlighted. Columbia Gem House has shown that being a good corporate citizen can prove a potent path to profitability.


Lori Bonn Design, Inc.,with designer Lori Bonn Gallagher receiving the award. Best known for her creative gifts, Lori Bonn Gallagher has also found that simply contributing can be a highly successful path to take in the jewelry industry. She works with non-profit operations locally and globally, doing everything from teaming up with the local March of Dimes chapter to helping purchase an ambulance for a birthing clinic in Bali.


Devon Fine Jewelry, with president/owner Nancy Schuring receiving the award. Inspired by a trip to explore the mines of Madagascar, Nancy Schuring created The Devon Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to helping people in the developing world gain full advantage of their mineral resources by teaching them the lapidary arts. Schuring also works closely with local non-profits, acting as an inspiration to others in the jewelry industry by demonstrating the power of cause-related marketing to build business and market share.

Reflective Images Inc., with president and owner Mark Choyt receiving the award. Choyt’s activities include promoting fair trade and education through publishing eBooks and responsible sourcing for consumers and the trade. He spearheads the Madison Dialog fair trade manufacturing standards initiative and provides online platforms filled with information about responsibly sourced designer lines. Choyt offers consumers and industry a place where it’s possible to learn about best practices and product.

Jewelers That Care’s top priority is to assist those in the developing world and independent jewelers to better utilize the tools of all kind that are available to them. Projects planned or underway by Jewelers That Care range from building basic infrastructure in Africa, to assisting independent jewelers in connecting with their communities using cause-related marketing.

For more information, contact Alethe Clemetson at Jewelers That Care at 718-354-9154, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., www.jewelersthatcare.org or Tony Seideman at 914-737-8776.