Last updateTue, 22 May 2018 10pm

Lustour helps retailers give back to community heroes Give-away program honors soldiers, law enforcement


With July 4th still fresh in our minds, Lustour has a giveaway that not only honors our troops, but all of our community heroes. Now through the end of the year they are giving away free lab created stones to their retail clients in the hopes they will pass along the giveaway to the heroes in their communities. Whether its American soldiers or local law enforcement; Lustour wants to help retailers giveback in a way that allows them to honor the men and women who put their lives on the line every day.

“We wanted to do this to encourage retailers to give back,” says Sunny Aiya, a company official at Lustour. “Jewelers can give the stone away and we will credit their account for the stone.”

As a brand new program launched at the JCK Show in Las Vegas the response has been tremendous. Retailers are eager to put together promotions that focus on giving away up to a 1 carat lab created stone with a retail value of $699. Qualifying retailers must be carrying Lustour in their store, at which point they are eligible to give away up to three stones per year.

“We are encouraging the jewelers to give away their labor and material costs when they create a ring with the stone, but if they need to make some money the decision to pass along those charges is up to them,” states Sunny.

Lustour finds its place with couples who can’t afford a diamond but want to get a ring now, with the intent of buying the diamond later. Lustour stones are carbon creations that come very close to the brilliance, beauty and luster of a natural diamond. They are hand cut to hearts and arrow perfection, are non-porous, single reflective and colorless. And every stone comes with a lifetime warranty. Stones are available in all shapes and sizes and are now available in pink, yellow and blue.

Giving away a free 1 carat Lustour stone will certainly generate a lot of media buzz for the retailer. Lustour hopes the promotion will provide free good will for their local jewelers and, at the same time, will give back to those who do so much for us.


Contact Sunny Aiya at 800-866-6268 or visit their site at www.lustour.com.