Last updateTue, 22 May 2018 10pm

INOX Jewelry delivers savings and profits through Silver Coverage Collection


Offering maximum savings and profitability through high quality and stylish products, INOX Jewelry presents a new collection for retailers: the Silver Coverage Jewelry Collection.

Consisting of beautifully crafted accessories for women, the Silver Coverage Jewelry Collection is an innovative array of jewelry pieces designed to provide maximum profits without sacrificing style and quality.

What makes the Silver Coverage Collection innovative is that the jewelry pieces are made of real sterling silver plated on 316L stainless steel, combining a precious metal look and luster with a contemporary metal’s durability. The collection consists of rings, hoop earrings, necklaces, and bracelets all having brilliant silver sheen with beautiful ferido gem pave balls. Each type of jewelry has ferido gem pave balls in three different colors - white, blue, and pink.

When it comes to design in this collection, there are three different styles of rings depending on the color of its gems; meanwhile, the necklaces have three dangling pieces of ferido pave balls. The bracelets have silver beads and one gem paved bead at the center, while the hoop earrings also have a ferido gem paved bead that gives a striking contrast with the metal parts.

Due to the ever-increasing prices of silver in the market today, INOX Jewelry offers the Silver Coverage Collection as a great alternative so that retailers can still cater to sterling silver jewelry customers but for a much lower cost. Retailers can avail the Silver Coverage Collection’s Value Package which consists of an 18-piece assortment of women’s jewelry with 30% off its regular price.


The Silver Coverage Collection is featured at page 90-91 of the INOX Jewelry Stainless Steel Jewelry 2012 Catalog. For more information about this collection and other products by INOX, please visit www.inox-us.com or call 203-356-9077 or 866-507-2537.