Last updateTue, 22 May 2018 10pm

Blitz celebrates 100 years


(JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind.) - Blitz Manufacturing is honored to announce the celebration of it’s centennial birthday.  Over the past 100 years, Blitz has seen the world change many times, from the introduction of the automobile and telephone to space travel and the Internet.  They made it through the great depression, dust bowls, floods, wars, and more.  At the very beginning, Blitz tied fortune to household brass, which eventually led to innovations with precious metals and more. Blitz provided the military with gun cleaning cloth in WWI and WWII.

Today, Blitz is a world leader in cleaners, polishes and polishing cloths made in the USA, predominantly serving the jewelry industry at every level.

David Belden, an inventor, had a brilliant idea in 1912 of treating cloth with brass polish. Even today, Blitz’ motto is still “The Polish is in the Cloth.”  His concept was to get rid of solvents, ammonia, and other things then common, but still considered to be poisonous.  It was a simple formula that was environmentally responsible before people even thought of the idea. Today Blitz produces and markets environmentally friendly, non-toxic products worldwide to more than 40 nations, and offers a full line of branded and private label cleaning choices to fit every need. 

Mr. Belden passed Blitz down to family members who held it privately for decades, and then the company went to family friend, Mr. Howard Sturm of Louisville, Kentucky. 

Over the years Blitz has continued to pioneer innovations. They invented a non abrasive silver, gold and platinum polishing cloth. And, according to Blitz management, “were first to create a non-toxic silver cleaning kit (Silver Shine™), first with foaming jewelry cleaner (Foamz™), first with the compact jewelry ‘pop-up’ wipes, first with a purse size travel cleaner, early to utilize non-petroleum-based PETE jars, first with small order (144 each) four-color labeled jars of cleaner, and were quick to market with microfiber cloth.

“We still offer more color choices, more customization, more variety, than our competitors and we do it all with a down-home smile.”  

Blitz now offers its’ customers a state of the art website, www.BlitzInc.com, where they can order on line for their convenience.


Jewelers, manufacturers, designers distributors, etc. who call Blitz during working hours can still reach real people who take their time to get orders right.  Blitz customer service and sales staff have been with the company for many years and “don’t give a canned sales pitch.  We don’t rush you; we listen; and help you decide what is best for you.”

“We believe in partnerships,’ says Blitz management.  “If you are an old acquaintance, we look forward to your next call.  If you haven’t tried our products before, we look forward to meeting you.”

Blitz Manufacturing wishes to thank all their customers over the past 100 years for their patronage and loyalty and looks forward to serving the next generation of customers with quality products and service made in the U.S.A.

For more information contact Blitz at 800-356-0860, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit www.BlitzInc.com.