Amipi takes business by the horns in offering retailers quality diamonds and straightforward value


Amipi gives no bull; Amipi accepts no bull. And that’s no bull.

Sign on to the diamond supplier’s website, and a big, bold bull looks you in the eye. It’s part of the culture at Amipi, which declares as its philosophy: “We don’t play games, we don’t lie... We always say it like it is.” The company says it offers:

  • Amipi-no-bull-NovAccurate representation of products with no-surprise grading
  • Transparent fixed pricing
  • A clear explanation of terms and conditions

“We know how to say sorry. When we make mistakes (and we all do), we are never too big to apologize and admit we made a mistake.”

Amish Mehta, president of Amipi, says the no-bull branding is what his company, which serves leading jewelry retailers and manufacturers, is all about. “It’s our philosophy,” he says. “It defines us. We’re all about the no bull. That’s what we do.”

Third Generation in Diamonds

Amish’s father, Dr. Mahendra Mehta, founded Amipi in 1974 and remains chairman, working every day. “Actually, I’m the third Amish expanded the company at its headquarters in New York, where 99 percent of the jewelry is made, and in India, where the diamonds are cut.

The company provides excellent customer service along with high-quality diamonds, serving “the most specific of requirements with an assurance of complete customer satisfaction.”

“We offer the best values in the nation in every category we are in – GIA-certified diamonds, non-certified bluff diamonds, and better basic jewelry,” Amish says.

“We deal in a very direct, straightforward manner to the retailer who appreciates value. Some retailers are not looking for us and what we offer. They’re looking for the other guy who’s charging more but offering long-term memo. We save retailers money by providing what they already buy from our competition, but in better quality and value. Our core strength is being able to identify value. We buy based on value and pass it on. We make the retailer more effective against the competition, whether it’s online or down the block.”

Hottest Jewelry Item: Diamond Studs

Amipi does the vast majority of its business in GIA-certified diamonds, but basic diamond studs are a fast-growing part of the business.

“They’re hands-down our hottest seller,” Amish says. “We have 700 to 800 pairs of diamond studs from a quarter carat to 4 carat. It’s classic, and it works for us.”

Amipi offers diamond tennis bracelets in two styles: four prong and two prong. And it’s all made in New York. 

“We don’t deal in junk. Our jewelry is extremely well made,” Amish says. “We’re working with something new called Soleil, a cluster that looks like a one-piece diamond. Our Soleil Collection is one-third the price of a traditional stud earring, but has double the look.”



Retailer-Friendly Services

Amipi also buys diamonds from retailers, for cash or credit against inventory. “It’s become an interesting part of our business,” Amish says. “Retailers don’t need dead inventory lying around for years, so they sell it to us and create liquidity they can use to buy fast-moving inventory they can make money on.”

Amipi’s website, updated every 15 minutes, is very retailer-friendly and customers can request certified diamonds directly from the site. “We can actually modify the margin if a retailer asks for it,” Amish says. “Having access to our website also gives the retailer a diamond database.”


A Little Fun, A Little Quirky

For an amusing look inside the company’s culture, Amipi has put up a video on YouTube that depicts a customer being hounded by telemarketers, then finding solace at the door of Amipi ( “It’s the way our company thinks,” Amish says. “It’s different. We’re not into telemarketing; we’re not that guy. This is what we’re about. A little fun, a little quirky, and no bull.”

Much of Amipi’s business is done with retailers via online B2B sites, e-mail and the phone. “A lot of retailers call us because of our prices, but grow with us once they experience the customer service and see the values we offer,” Amish says. “We don’t just go in for the kill, for the one sale; we are looking for long-term relationships.”

It’s very important to Amipi to develop those trust relationships, and the company is working to earn multi-generational business.

As Amipi says on its website, it is “committed to give the best combination of value and service to our customers and becoming long-term partners in their success... We strive to treat all our partners with respect and expect no less from them.”

For more information about Amipi, call 800-530-2647 visit the website or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..