Last updateThu, 17 May 2018 7am

Southern Gates® celebrates 10 successful years


The Cargo Hold, Inc. is celebrating in a big way this year. 2014 marks the 10th anniversary of their Southern Gates® Collection and, boy, do they have reason to celebrate.

This southern signature line inspired by 18th and 19th century wrought iron gates now includes more than 400 unique designs reminiscent of patterns found not only in gates, but in grilles and balconies throughout the Southeast.

Gates-March“Southern Gates® has become a collector’s item and a tradition for many women,” remarks Katie Sacko, Marketing Manager, The Cargo Hold. “From wedding day jewelry to everyday pieces, Southern Gates® offers sentimental designs that provide a connection to the South. Whether you’re from here or just love to visit, our customer’s love the story that comes with each piece.”

Owners, Tom Young and Bob Glenn have been selling beautiful, meaningful jewelry in Charleston, SC since 1973. The duo started The Cargo Hold as a retail store that developed into a successful wholesale business offering various attractively priced chains, findings, and jewelry with high quality materials and craftsmanship. Their designs are known for being unique and innovative, while remaining affordable.

In 2004, after tossing around ideas for a line inspired by the Southern city they call home, the Southern Gates® collection evolved. This fine sterling silver line captures the rich history of the South and is now the company’s best-selling series, known for its high quality and high value brand that is within all consumer’s budget.

“Southern Gates® has seen steady growth every year, and we feel like we’ve only begun to scratch the surface,” says Katie. “This year we’re really focused on increasing brand awareness, so there’s never been a better time to be a Southern Gates® retailer.”

Since their first piece, P135, Southern Gates® has received countless heartwarming stories of consumers all over the country who’ve moved out of the South, but continue to wear Southern Gates® to feel connected to their heritage – like “wearing a piece of home.”

“We wanted this collection to speak to the beauty and tradition here in the South,” comments Bob Glenn, co-owner of The Cargo Hold. “But it’s not just a Southern thing. This jewelry has proven successful from Florida to Maine, from Connecticut to Texas.

“We believe in Southern Gates® and we’re excited to see what’s next. But for now, we’re ready to celebrate and thank those who have helped make Southern Gates® so successful.”

Bob, along with the rest of The Cargo Hold crew are using this anniversary as an opportunity to celebrate the success of Southern Gates® for the past 10 years by hosting a celebration at the SJTA Atlanta Show in March.

“We’ve revamped our booth so customers will really get the true ‘Southern Gates® experience’ at this show,” states Katie. “We’re debuting our all new Spring Collection, and we’ll have gifts and giveaways, and even a close out sale for items that will be discontinued after this year. It’s going to be a fun show and a great year! Come by and celebrate with us at the March SJTA Show in booth #835-936.”

For more information, contact The Cargo Hold at 800-845-6964, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or www.cargoholdinc.com.