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Stuller foresees two kinds of change for independent jewelers

At Las Vegas' JCK, Luxury and Couture Shows' seminars and conferences, speaker after speaker ended up saying something like, "When business does turn around, we won't be doing it the same way we used to." Presenters who are experts in marketing, inventory control, sales, technology and products seemed to agree that the American retail jeweler will be forever changed by the "current economic situation."

So, what is an independent retail jeweler to do? To keep doing things as in the past is probably a train to nowhere. One supplier was obviously way ahead of the curve when it came to forward thinking innovation.

Stuller, Inc. presented multiple new initiatives designed to help jewelry retailers change the business of jewelry.

Not content to offer only new merchandise that may or may not be on the jewelry retailer's radar, Stuller presented new, forward thinking tools to help jewelry retailers think beyond the old way of doing things and look into the future at what retailers of jewelry may become.

Stuller's new 3D Ring Engraver enables retailers to show potential clients
a live 3 dimensional preview of what their engraved ring will look like.

Kerry Hand, executive director of Marketing Services and Public Relations at Stuller said that the theme for the show at Stuller represented two kinds of change: first, by offering evolutionary or "bite-size" changes such as the DTC Sightholder's diamond-based digital selling systems, prototype (or alloy-based) selling systems and others. The second, which moves retail further into the future, is more revolutionary as it relies on the latest technologies. "Its all about lowering the inventory investment while increasing profit opportunity potential," said Hand.

New digital technologies introduced will help expand the retailer's inventory by offering ways jewelers can utilize Stuller's expansive inventory while working with a customer in their store. The Virtual Diamond Selector, 3D Ring Engraver and Diamond Stud Earring Builder will all appear to be a part of the retailers own inventory.

The Virtual Diamond Selector will allow the retailer to search by size, shape, or color from among the approximately 10,000 diamonds in the Stuller inventory on a web page featuring the retailers logo, background color and retail prices all predetermined behind the scenes.

The retailer will be able to change the formula to set retail prices anytime he/she wants to as their local market requires.

3D Ring Engraver represents the most advanced web based wedding band engraving functionality to date. While sitting with a customer, the jeweler will be able to select the font style, size and placement, enter the engraving and see a live 3 dimensional preview of what the engraved ring will look like.

The Diamond Stud Earring program will allow the jeweler to work with his client while making selections based on shape, size and price as well as mounting choices. If you don't have exactly what they want in stock, jewelers will be able to show them exactly what they want or want to spend. With the Stuller just-in-time (JIT) shipping, retailers will be able to offer merchandise for the client's needs quickly.

All of these digital selling solutions have been developed by Stuller with Gemvision, Stuller's strategic partner to harness new technology and offer custom solutions to independent jewelers.

new "Live Diamond Try On" iPhone application allows users to custom design an engagement ring, see how it looks on the wearer's hand, and locate and contact the nearest Stuller retailer to purchase, all from the users iPhone.

Mr. Hand rocked our world when he showed us a new application for the iPhone. Coming to an iPhone near you is Live Diamond Try On. This free application is one that the 20 to 40 year olds thinking about or shopping for an engagement ring will be sure to download. It allows the user to build a ring (mounting styles and colors, diamond four C's including all the diamond shapes and actual stone size), take a photo with the iPhone of the wearer's hand and then as if by magic, virtually place the ring on the soon to be bride's own finger.

This application won't mean much to my middle age friends and colleagues, but to my college student daughter and young adults her age this will be second nature. They look at their phones more than they talk on them! Twenty somethings will even be able to finds a jeweler and get Google map and directions to the nearest Stuller affiliated jeweler. A really cool marketing tool!

Also at the Stuller booth we previewed several prototype selling systems that will help the retail jeweler extend his inventory while reducing the costs of filling showcases. A sample kit for selling wedding bands features the most popular styles in different widths, styles and colors and is branded with the store color and logo. A colored stone selector kit features nine gemstones and assorted earring, ring and necklace styles to offer a custom alternative to supplement your inventory.

And to make your live inventory look better, Gemvision and Stuller introduced Case by Case, a really neat way to select custom displays for your showcases using 3D CAD software. With hundreds of fabrics, colors and arrangements that are married on screen to your showcase's exact size, style and finish your imagination won't be the only place you see what your refreshed showcase displays will look like.

For more information contact Stuller, Inc. at 800-877-7777 or visit www.stuller.com.