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Retailer Roundtable: What was your most successful Mother’s Day promotion?


Q: What was your most successful Mother’s Day promotion? 

“Last year we had a gift-with-purchase event for Mother’s Day. With diamond as April’s birthstone, and then Mother’s Day in May, along with spring weddings, we always try to make diamond jewelry part of our Mother’s Day events which typically run from late April through mid-May.  We offered a tiered gift-with-purchase program. Starting at $250 on up, customers could receive a coupon for a one hour massage at a local spa. Purchases of $1,000 and up would include added spa perks such as manicures, pedicures, facials, and half-days at the spa. Customers could also redeem the spa coupon for additional money off the jewelry, which some people chose to do, but most chose to give the busy mothers in their lives a little pampering and mom time.  In addition, we have a local chocolatier with staff trained in Belgium that produces incredible chocolates. We sell these delicious chocolates year round, but offer a special selection and pricing for Mother’s Day.  These efforts have helped us form good cross-promotional partners. In years past, we’ve also done gemstone giveaways. We selected 100 gemstones and placed them in decorative bags along with a gift card for our store. Many customers either used the gift card for other jewelry or set the gemstone in jewelry as a remount or a custom piece, which was very successful for us. We’ve also done pay the sales tax events around Mother’s Day. Each year, we like to mix it up and do a fun and different promotion, but all of our Mother’s Day events have a pay-it-forward quality to them to show our appreciation for the amazing moms in our lives.”

RR Kruse Kelley

Melissa Kruse-Kelley, owner/CEO 
J.F. Kruse Fine and Custom Jewelers
St. Could, MN  


“For a small town of 35,000 we had pretty good luck with a Mother’s Day essay writing contest in 2015. It was promoted on our Facebook page and other promotional platforms, but people could submit their entries any way they wanted from instant messaging on Facebook to the store’s general e-mail address, dropping it off in the store, or sending in a letter. The total number of submissions was 500-plus. The giveaway that year was a pair of half-carat total weight, diamond stud earrings with a retail value of $750. Again, for a small town we got a lot of responses. We’ve done such social media based contests in the past and learned a few lessons and then changed our rules a bit in time for this Mother’s Day contest. First, contestants had to live within a 25 mile radius of the store. Also, the winner that wrote the essay had to pick up the earrings with their mother. We didn’t think that was too much to ask as we needed the photo to post on Facebook to show the completion of the essay writing contest.” 

RR McCoy

Laurie McCoy, store manager
McCoy Jewelers
Bartlesville, OK


“We’ve held Mother’s Day events in the past like essay writing contests and the like. But these events don’t do much to drive additional traffic to the store for Mother’s Day. The store is always busy on Mother’s Day, our second busiest time of the year. This store opened more than 40 years ago and advertisements as far back as 30 years have been directed at Mother’s Day. Our success for this gift giving holiday has taken years and years of branding in our market. The key messages are great selection, quality inventory and making sure mothers get something a little more special than chocolates and flowers from the grocery store. Each Mother’s Day season we invest in extra advertising and extra inventory. For this Mother’s Day we’re seeing more of a return to the basics. Diamond studs in various sizes performed well for us at Christmas and Valentine’s Day. I’m confident these essential diamond basics will sell well this Mother’s Day. In addition to diamond essentials more moderately priced fashion, from $350 to $750, will sell well this Mother’s Day. For us this would include David Yurman, John Hardy and Charles Krypell. We might even get some fathers giving mothers or wives a ladies’ Rolex.”

RR Zibman

Michael Zibman, general manager
Windsor Fine Jewelers
Augusta, GA


“For the past 14 years we’ve been doing an essay writing contest in conjunction with local schools. We know a lot of retail jewelers run these sorts of promotions, but for us it’s not just a Mother’s Day event, it also honors the moms in our community and helps promote the jewelry customization aspect of our business. As in the past, we select three quarter-carat diamonds to be given away as part of this Mother’s Day promotion. We go out to the schools and work with principals, teachers and of course students to talk about the essay writing contest. Last year we received over 10,000 entries. We assemble a panel of judges to read the essays and to help select the best and most original entries - the students with the best essay from each class win a loose gemstone. From the best of class essays, we select the top three students which will each receive a diamond. We’re big partners in education with our local schools. We also sponsor Teacher of the Month awards, a pendant design contest for homecoming, and create three sterling silver flip coins for local football teams every fall. All of the community touch points come back to us: one of our Mother’s Day essay winner’s parents came back for a $25,000 custom ring, teachers and students return as customers - from watch battery replacements to engagement ring purchases. But just as important is being able to come in contact with a lot of creative young people that we can bring on board as designers, bench jewelers and the like. Plus, these contests and events help us connect with students at key times of their lives. We want to become their jeweler for life.”

RR Foster

Jen Foster, store manager and buyer
David Douglas Diamonds
Marietta, GA



“For Mother’s Day 2015 we ran a gift-with-purchase event. When customers spent $150 or more we gave them a nice potted plant filled with daisies. Fresh cut flowers are nice, but they don’t last long and many other jewelers give away fresh cut flowers. The potted plant was good for presentation, and could stay in the designated pot or be replanted. The idea was to create a gift with purchase that would last well beyond Mother’s Day. The event helped increase sales 10 to 15 percent over Mother’s Day sales in 2014. The event was advertised in the local weekly newspaper and radio. This year we’re thinking about doing the essay contest. We’re in a small town, so we’d have to figure out the logistics on how to organize and run the contest, but from what I know many retail jewelers across the country have had good results with the Mother’s Day essay contest.”

RR Sink

Tina Sink, owner
Banks Jewelers
Burnsville, NC