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Retailer Roundtable: What jewelry trends are you seeing leading up to Vegas?


Q:What jewelry trends are you seeing leading up to Vegas? 

RR Stephanie“This year we are going onto Vegas with a fresh set of eyes, looking for the perfect pieces for everyone, young and young-at-heart. One thing that has been on our radar is mixed metals. More and more people want to incorporate in their original, sentimental pieces and create a new, fresh look with a different color gold. We will definitely be looking for those one of a kind items that puts a fun, fresh twist on classic pieces. Stack, stack, stack. This is a huge trend that we don’t see slowing down anytime soon. It can be rings, bracelets, necklaces, it doesn’t matter. People are loving the stackables. The runway is full of choker necklaces layered with other multi strands. The same look goes for bracelets; bangles mixed with charm bracelets mixed with bolo style bracelets. It is everywhere you turn, so we will be on the lookout for a few new exciting stackable items. One thing is for sure, the JCK Show never disappoints and we will, without a doubt, return with phenomenal pieces of jewelry that everyone is sure to fall in love with.”

Stephanie Palestrant, manager
Wendel’s Diamond Jewelers
Lancaster, OH



RR Aaron

“Variety is the new trend. People aren’t taking their cues from TV ads and print for chocolate diamonds or whatever. People now are looking at the vast resources of information on the internet for jewelry, and they are finding everything interesting. I do a lot of custom at my store and people are showing me images that are very different from conventional designs – everything from Art Deco reproductions to 24-karat gold Egyptian-inspired designs. I’m taking these images and tweaking or embellishing the basic design to the customer’s taste. This trend has made me rethink my advertising. For 14 years, I’ve been advertising with the same upscale lifestyle magazine. It has been a very successful part of my marketing and promotions. But in the last two years that’s changed.  In the realm of custom work, it’s safe to say the halo ring has gone to heaven, at least in our market. Traditional designs are coming back like a center diamond with a baguette [diamond] on either side - sold two in the last two days. Classic and traditional styles are back. Yellow gold is making a strong comeback. When doing custom I’m now asking if they want yellow gold – can’t assume it’s going to be a white precious metal anymore. People are going for 18-karat yellow mainly for the color and purity. In fashion jewelry people are gravitating toward raw, bold cultural-inspired designs. There’s an interest in it but the money is spent on finer quality goods. It’s harder for me to sell 1-carat diamonds these days as people are showing more interest in 1.5- to 3-carat diamonds in finer makes.”

Aaron Capdeboscq, owner
De Boscq Jewelers
Mandeville, LA



RR Jason“We’re seeing a significant increase in yellow gold bridal jewelry. In the past, it was around 10 to 15 percent. Now, yellow gold accounts for about 20 to 25 percent of bridal. For us, we’ll keep building our yellow gold bridal inventory if the customers keep asking for it. One group that continues the yellow gold demand is men with their chains. The rose gold trend hit a few years ago. It’s just now impacting our bridal choices with all rose gold and rose and white gold two-tone designs. We’ve also stopped buying from sales reps on the road looking to sell jewelry at discounts when closing out pieces and collections. These days we’re all about branding with designers. And, with increased investments with Gemvision Matrix, casting machines and other jewelry making equipment, we’re looking to meet the demand of customers wanting more custom-designed pieces while showcasing our own brand of jewelry. Customers are asking for more custom-made jewelry. That’s our niche in this market. A lot of people say young couples buy everything online and don’t like to establish relationships with business owners. That’s not the case here. Young couples really enjoy being part of the design and jewelry making process, dealing with people they trust, and custom project updates with images sent by text is really popular with our young bridal customers.”    

Jason Crawford
Bill’s Jewelers
Thomasville, GA



Rr Heather“One of the main trends we’re seeing with bridal is combining color with diamonds. I wear sapphire and diamond bridal jewelry, so there’s a little bit of the jeweler influence there, but people are taking this color and diamond combination in different directions. Sapphires are good because of their durability and deep color. But other customers have combined morganite and aquamarine with diamonds in bridal. They like that nice soft pastel touch of color instead of a stronger contrasting color set alongside diamonds. In bridal, we’re also seeing customers taking existing designs from designers and manufacturers we carry to design templates found in Stuller’s CounterSketch and tweaking these designs to call it their own – everything from adding color to adding in a halo, subtle tweaks run the gamut. Yellow gold is making a comeback for us as well. We recently had two young customers come in with loose colored stones and had us set them in yellow gold. Also, big, chunky yellow gold fashion jewelry is bringing customers from the malls to jewelry stores for fine jewelry made in yellow gold. Sterling silver jewelry continues to be a strong seller as well, especially for statement-making necklaces – tassels being a strong trend leader in this category. Another trend we’re seeing is well done customizable and personalized jewelry. The jewelry typically ranges in retail prices from $250 to $300. Customizable or personalized jewelry that is popular now ranges from pets and paw prints to handwriting and fingerprints. But again, it’s all about the price points and the quality make and finish.”   

Heather Wahl, store owner
R.C. Wahl Jewelers
Des Plaines, IL


“We’re in a small part of the rust belt which has affected the way I do business. Gone are the days when a guy making $60,000 a year would come in and spend $500 or $600 on a Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day present. Those days are gone. Now, 85 percent of my business is bridal. Gabriel & Co. has been a huge part of our bridal business. We like the designs, quality of the production and they’re a good partner to work with. Halo designs continue to be our number-one seller, with solitaire rings a close second. These days younger bridal customers are getting smart about the investment aspect of the engagement ring. Down the road if you want to sell a halo ring set with half-carat of small diamonds, you get nothing for it. But with a solitaire, the focus is on the diamond. In these ring styles sales are usually one-carat on up. As we’re primarily a bridal store, wedding and anniversary – as well as other gift-giving occasions – are all about diamonds. We have 150 to 200 pairs of diamond stud earrings and a variety of diamond hoop earrings, including inside/outside, micro-set and channel-set. Match hoops up with diamond studs, a classic look ladies love and can wear anywhere, any time. For loose diamond in bridal, round brilliants continue to dominate but we’re seeing an increased interest in ovals. Princess cut diamonds are holding the number-three slot, but interest is sliding a bit. And, for the gents, tungsten bands continue to be big sellers for us. Single guys even wear them on their right hands and it has helped stimulate men’s jewelry sales.”

Bernie Ochs, owner
Monroe, MI