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Tennessee Jewelers Association holds educational meeting


The Tennessee Jewelers Association (TJA) recently hosted a Middle Tennessee Jewelers Conference featuring an informative presentation by award winning gemologist Mark Villanueva R.G.A., C.S.M.P., A.J.P. of CBC Fine Jewelers, El Paso, TX.

TJA group JulyMark’s lecture included the clarity treatments of diamonds - the process; and how to detect laser drilled internal, external drilled diamonds and fracture filled diamonds. There were hands-on samples of diamond simulants, of synthetic moissanite, strontium titanate, GGG, YAG and synthetic spinel, sapphire rutile and natural laser drilled diamonds. The presentation also included the color treatments of High Pressure High Temperature Type I and Type II diamonds. Color treatment of irradiated diamonds, black diamonds and surface coating and detection were also discussed. Mark explained the Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) and High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) process. The CVD and HPHT discussion included the gemological properties of CVD and HPHT diamonds screening and detection. In addition, the future of CVD and HPHT was explored and discussed.

The event was held at the Blaine Lewis New Approach School for Jewelers in Franklin, TN. The TJA sends their gratitude to Lewis who allows the group to conduct meetings at his school. Lewis is in the process of building a new school and TJA members showed their appreciation by helping him with painting the new building. The event was sponsored by Federated Insurance and the Middle Tennessee GIA Alumni Association.

The TJA understands maintaining up-to-date knowledge in the ever-changing gemstone industry can be quite challenging. They are delighted to have been able to offer this extraordinary opportunity as Mark is an expert in his field and able to better prepare jewelers and jewelry store owners for what lies ahead.

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