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Retailers treat customers to impressive Rolex inventories, thanks to Zimbals’ website link


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With the launch this month of Zimbals’ SwissWatchWholesale.com - the merging of SwissWatchPricing.com and SwissWatchServiceCenter.com - retail jewelers are finding it easier than ever to display hundreds of pre-owned Rolex watches on their websites.

These are watches featuring the industry’s best warranties - and always serviced with genuine Rolex parts.

“In jewelry retail, nothing starts the conversation like a Rolex watch in your showcase,” says Sam Phillips, General Manager of Zimbals. “However, for many retailers cost is a real issue. Now, the experts at SwissWatchWholesale.com invite you to show fully warrantied pre-owned and never-worn Rolex watches on your website with an easy-to-use link.”

Zimbals’ “5-Day Memo Program” allows qualified retailers to show Zimbals’ products for five days prior to purchase, on approved credit.

“By using our Memo Program they can show all of these watches easily without committing a lot of money toward in-store inventory,” Sam says. “They can offer the industry’s best warranty for sales and service - at no cost or obligation. We now offer the longest warranties available anywhere for pre-owned Rolex watch sales and service, which gives our retail partners a competitive edge over Internet sellers.”

Pre-owned Rolex watches will now carry a three-year warranty, and Zimbals is offering an 18-month service warranty on all Rolex watches the company services.

“These warranties are backed by genuine parts and a knowledgeable staff,” giving brick-and-mortar retailers an edge over their Internet competitors with the best watch and the best service, Sam says.

ZImbals website Aug

Taking advantage of Zimbals’ inventory has never been so convenient. “It’s as easy as uploading our easy-to-use link,” Sam says. “Jewelry retailers simply walk their customers through this showroom-ready inventory without worry of third-party contact information, advertising or pricing. They are free to set their own profit margins.

“The link is so easy to use. You can even let your customers shop at home, or on their smartphone, without the risk of losing them. We’ve customized this link to protect the retailer from third-party poaching. Now they can trust their customers will remain with them as they search the real-time, pre-owned and never-worn Rolex watch inventory, and will have the inventory in hand the next day.

“Our retail partners sell more. It’s that simple. I believe that jewelry retailers finally realize that the only way to compete with the Internet is to be on the Internet.

“Featuring a real pre-owned Rolex watch inventory can greatly improve Internet traffic. In fact, the word Rolex is considered an extremely valuable search term. By adding a real, warrantied product to your store’s website you should expect a considerable amount of increased traffic, calls, hard leads and, ultimately, sales.”

Time-Tested Operation

Since 1990, Palm Harbor, Fla.-based Zimbals has been a respected and high-profile wholesaler of pre-owned Rolex watch sales and service, proudly using only genuine Rolex parts for all movement repairs. The company even authored its own book, “Pre-Owned Rolex Watches - The Professional’s Guide.” “Now it’s in its ninth pressing, this book has been used by watch and jewelry professionals for nearly two decades,” Sam says.

Several years ago, Zimbals was the first company to offer a “wholesale-to-retail” website link that jewelry retailers could feature on their own websites. The August launch of SwissWatchWholesale.com is the company’s latest milestone.

“Now, all of your pre-owned Rolex watch needs will be solved in one place,” Sam says, noting that Zimbals has proved to be a company on the rise. “Since the launch of this website platform for retailers, we have moved to a larger facility and increased staff to handle the growth,” he says, adding with enthusiasm, “Our retail partners sell more! It’s an exciting time for our retailer partners. The phones are ringing, and I think that adds energy to the room.

“Brick-and-mortar retailers need an edge these days. By offering a three-year warranty, our retail partners are creating their own edge.

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“At this point, it’s clear that the stores offering our longer warranties and featuring them right up front are moving watches and stirring up new customers. Our retail partners can custom order never-worn Rolex watches as well as pre-owned. Unlike many dealers, we will warranty never-worn watches for three years. This gives the jewelry retailer a chance to offer a superior level of product and service when competing for local clientele.

“The pre-owned Rolex watch market has boomed!” he adds. “Particularly for authentic, warrantied watches. 2016 was a record year for us. If you’re a jewelry retailer that’s not seeing these types of results, I strongly recommend our system, especially for former authorized dealers who still have the customer base. These people want comparable quality, but at a discount. Now they can have it all - authenticity guaranteed and fully warrantied.”

For more information about Zimbals, you can call 800-783-8586, visit www.swisswatchwholesale.com or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..