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Gem Star Imports offers cutting-edge concepts & loyal service to retailers


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Gem Star Imports, a leading diamond jewelry manufacturer and wholesaler best known for its stunning bridal jewelry collections, has been raising the bar lately.

Having opened in a partnership about 12 years ago, New York-based Gem Star Imports in January 2016 took over full ownership, catapulting the company into a restructuring. “Gem Star Imports developed rapid changes with a focus on brand and quality awareness,” says April Scorcia, Gem Star Imports’ Vice President. “This has propelled Gem Star Imports into a trendsetting company still focusing on the basic needs - and has positioned the company as a forerunner in product concepts, engineering and development.”   

Gem Star Imports recently incorporated a new and revolutionary diamond jewelry brand into its product mix. It’s called MAGNIFICENCE.

Masterfully engineered with unique utility and design patent-pending technology, MAGNIFICENCE is designed to appeal to shoppers across all demographics. It is diamond fashion jewelry that promises to be the next huge new product leading to dynamic sales for retailers, April says.

MAGNIFICENCE pieces utilize magnification for remarkable effect. The diamond is set behind a sapphire crystal, which magnifies the gem’s size. The lens is scratch resistant, water resistant, fog-proof and ultraviolet protected. 

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“The magnification is more than two times the size of a diamond of the same size not set in this fashion,” April says. The MAGNIFICENCE pieces - earrings, pendants, necklaces and bracelets - start at $299, with retail prices ranging up to $2,999. The 14-karat product is offered in white, yellow and rose gold, with a few 10-karat offerings available at lower price points. MAGNIFICENCE pieces are I color, I clarity. To better appreciate the significance of the design, amazingly a ½-carat diamond appears to be 1¼ carats in size.

The jewelry is delivered with a display to help “magnify your sales.” The company also has trademarked a wonderful tag line to entice the customer to buy this revolutionary product with the dramatic statement, “Magnify Your Love.”

Amit Patel, Gem Star’s owner and CEO, has called MAGNIFICENCE a “game changer for today’s market . . . offering incredible value and beauty at an affordable price.”

Along with its bridal jewelry collections, Gem Star offers its independent retail jewelers a nice variety of fashion jewelry and valued price point products. Its designs have evolved into more contemporary silhouettes with the use of “exotic cut diamonds and perfected setting techniques that give the Gem Star products an enhanced value and ultimately a better price structure.”

As Gem Star Imports promises, “Our motto is to bring beauty, style and elegance to each piece by pairing the spirited design with exquisite craftsmanship.”

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Other dynamic brands under the Gem Star Imports umbrella are clearly developed in a 52-page buying catalog that focuses on both the basic and trending needs for independent retail jewelers, paving the way to a successful sell-through. Gem Star is truly a “one-stop shopping experience” with an impressive array of products accessible to retailers at www.gemstarimports.com.

Among Gem Star’s important brands are:

  • The Classique Bridal line of 1 ctw, 1½ ctw and 2 ctw bridals, and the copycat Mini Classique Bridal engagement rings, weighing in at ½ ctw and ¼ ctw. “These Mini Classique Bridals are not compromised in any way and yield a nice weight and profile for the bride who knows what she wants and wants to spend only what she wants,” April says.
  • The Towers program of stack rings can stand alone or masterfully complement the Mini Classique Bridals to give the retailer a fantastic upsell in adding multiple stack rings to the already affordable bridals. 
  • The Star Light designs of multi-diamond clusters mimic a one-stone center look. They’re positioned to be a bridal alternative or a fashion statement. 
  • The Glittering Stars program allows retailers to sell moving diamonds with a bigger, bolder look at half the cost. 
  • Love Cuts engagement rings “blow the imagination,” April says, by fitting together four precisely cut diamonds into a single diamond profile, resulting in a look of 2 to 2½ times the size. “It’s double the look for half the cost.”
  • The Illusion line is created by a technology that emerged with a better way of setting diamonds into a miracle plate, yielding a bigger, diamond look.
  • The Star Brilliance bridal line melds traditional with affordable in a multi-diamond center that adds dazzle and value.
  • Starmark machine-set wedding bands are masterfully set to look the part of a hand-set product.
  • The Star Significance line encompasses trends and fun products that stir the imagination.
  • The Star Luxury and Star Signature Bridal lines appeal to the most discriminating and fashionable tastes in the market.

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The company is proud of its flyers, catalogs and other marketing support offered to retailers, including point-of-sale materials, social media postings and other advertising expertise. All of its efforts, Gem Star says, are directed toward building the independent jewelers’ success.

For more information about Gem Star Imports, you can call 866-368-5700, visit the website www.gemstarimports.com or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..