Last updateWed, 20 May 2020 12am

Retailer Roundtable: What products and price points will your store be promoting the most for the 2019 Holiday Season?

RR Klutts“I’m happy to share what I think will be our best sellers for the upcoming holiday season. Here in Louisiana, three stone rings, mined and lab grown diamonds have picked up considerably. Diamond earrings, both natural and lab are selling well. Tennis bracelets in lab grown are more affordable in larger sizes, so they are selling, and lab grown center stones have far overshadowed natural. Our area in the south had previously been hit hard by the restrictions for drilling, but now that the restrictions have been lifted to allow for safe, but sensible drilling of oil, business seems to have stabilized to an extent. I find that more and more customers are coming into the store asking for lab grown diamonds as they become more educated, especially the younger kids. They are diamonds, just a lot less expensive, and people are realizing that. We do a fair amount of custom engagement rings with lab grown as well as natural, but lab grown diamonds account for about 80% of the larger stone sales we do, and it’s the younger clients that are asking for them. I hear people saying that the value will drop on labs, but for me, I compare it to buying and selling a car. What is the resale value on that car you bought years ago? How much is the Rolex watch you bought retail 2 years ago? Lab-grown are here to stay, and this year should be, as I call it, the year of the lab grown. I am only stocking earrings and some loose stones at this time. I have set up a display in my store with different sizes of moissanite, lab grown and natural diamonds, and I included prices in the set up so my customers can compare. I have never sold a moissanite, but we have sold plenty of labs and a fair amount of natural diamonds. I am also in the process of making up semi-mount sets with lab melee. It reduces the price tremendously for the consumer. For our 2019 holiday season, I am predicting that the popular price ranges are going to be between $500 to $2000 for stock items, and I think my customers will spend a little more this year for lab grown earrings in the 2 to 4 carat total weight range.”

Len Klutts, Owner
Klutts Jewelers & Designers
Morgan City, Louisiana


RR Lang“Bridal is always popular for us during the holiday season and this year we are seeing a movement away from halo designs to a more simple, elegant look. We are seeing bridal trend towards more yellow gold than in years past as well. Our average bridal sale is between $10-30,000  but, we keep less expensive and more expensive in stock so we can accommodate everyone. We always do well with diamond stud earrings and small diamond hoops during the holidays so we will have plenty of sizes and price points available. Delicate necklaces are trending right now as women are layering them in different colors and sizes. Same thing with right-hand rings. Stackable rings with a mix of colors in metal and stones will be flying out the door this year. Colored stone jewelry in general is very hot right now with blue sapphires leading the way. Another trend we are seeing is big, bold, and yellow gold! It’s like the 80s are back but with more style. We’ve quit selling watches almost completely, but Obaku watches are very affordable and our customers love them! For $2-300 people can get a great gift for someone. These are wonderful for accessorizing because they are affordably priced so people can have one to go with almost any outfit. Last, but surely not least, is our selection of estate jewelry. We have a reputation in our market for always having unique and beautiful estate pieces and people come to us during the holidays specifically for that reason. We are having one of our best years ever and expect to beat last year which was our strongest holiday season to date.”

Matt Lang, Owner
Lang Jewelers
Gainesville, Florida


RR Isaacs“At Belle Meade Jewelry & Repair we are preparing for a perfect storm this Christmas. A strong economy, import tariffs, and the renaissance of small neighborhood businesses are all good predictors of a record season.  We will be stocking Art Deco inspired along with petite designs in our showcases. Earrings will be our featured item, with price points ranging from $750-$2000. We saw evidence that these price points are strong for us during the summer, and believe it will continue into the holiday season and through the end of the year.”

Scott E. Isaacs, Owner
Belle Meade Jewelry & Repair
Nashville, Tennessee


RR Stehle“My strategy for this holiday season will be to focus on quality jewelry with affordable price points. My inventory focuses on diamond and natural color gemstone jewelry, with most retail prices centered between $700-1200. I will be providing my customers more options in the $150-300 range, while still staying true to my model of ‘step above’ quality. I’m also thinking of adding some sterling silver and semiprecious gems to the selection I currently carry. My goal is to have a classic, vintage style assortment that’s unique, good quality, and provides good marketing price points with step-up opportunities.”

Joe Stehle, Owner
Facet & Co.
Virginia City, Nevada


RR Smith“This holiday season we will be focusing on the latest jewelry lines we picked up. Samuel B, Ania Haie, Galatea, Obaku and the Lotus garnet from Parlé with a price point ranging from $29 to $3000. These brands have items and price points that seem to be drawing the most attention for us during the year, and we plan on pushing them hard for the upcoming holiday season. Beyond products and price points, the most important goal for us during the 2019 holiday season is to focus on closing add-on sales with each customer.”

Billy Smith, Owner
Cornerstone Jewelers
Springfield, Missouri