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Nothing excites like a BIG diamond


Yehuda’s Big Diamond Exchange program a hit with retailers

When’s the last time you remember jewelry consumers being excited about buying diamonds? Think back... back... farther... yeah, I can’t remember either. The fact is jewelry consumers spent the last two years listening to ads about selling their gold jewelry, not buying diamonds. Buying gold has been a life saver for many jewelers. It kept them afloat during tough economic times, and proved to be a very smart business decision, but is it time to move on? Yehuda says “yes” and they are doing more than just talking about it.

YEHUDA-MarchAlthough general jewelry sales were up this past Christmas, diamond sales took a hit. Dror Yehuda, of Yehuda Diamond Company, recently discussed the issue with his marketing consultant Roy H. Williams. Roy, who is intimately familiar with the fine jewelry industry, suggested igniting a grass roots campaign built on sheer excitement that would start people talking.

Roy explained that: “Excitement is contagious, Dror. Put a bigger, more beautiful diamond into the hands of the salespeople than they’ve ever shown before. Tell them to show it to everyone they meet for one week.”

Hoping to reignite the public’s passion for diamonds, Dror and Roy know that nothing is as powerful as touching a big diamond. They also know that people who touch big diamonds tell others about it, and word-of-mouth advertising is an influential thing.

“What we really want to do is get the salespeople so excited about having this special diamond in their store that they eagerly approach each customer saying ‘Let me show you what just came in! This is real. Have you ever seen a diamond this big?’”

Dror understands the far-reaching effects a national diamond campaign can have on diamond sales and the jewelry industry at large. That’s why he was quick to offer his help. He wanted Yehuda to do everything it could to help ignite a renewed enthusiasm for diamond jewelry.

Together Roy and Dror created a good ole’ grass roots campaign. Deciding to take it one retailer at a time, Yehuda will send any retailer with good credit an ‘eye-popping’ diamond for one week. This diamond will be larger than anything they’ve carried before with the hopes that the staff won’t be able to contain themselves.

“All the retailers have to do is give us a call,” Dror says. “We’ll find out what is considered big for their store because it is different for each one and, after we check their credit, we’ll ship out a stone for them to keep for a week. We have all sizes starting at 5 all the way up to a 30 carat round diamond that is available for show. Once the week is over they will send it on to the next jeweler on the list until we get everyone taken care of.” With retailers already lining up to take advantage of this new offer, many are in disbelief that a diamond supply house would do something this big without gaining something in return.

Bill Sites, owner of Sites Jewelry in Nashville, TN was one of the first retailers to take advantage of the Big Diamond Exchange. Stating that he liked the idea because “it was a rare opportunity when a supplier comes to you and does something just for you,” Sites has promoted the 7.1 carat clarity enhanced round Yehuda diamond on his weekly radio spot.

“I’m hoping to tickle the imagination of at least one or two people who never thought they could own a diamond this size,” Sites says, adding, “Dror is just one of those rare people who truly understands what it means to partner with retailers. He is truly different from other suppliers.”

And the customer reaction to these stones is tremendous. Sites had one woman who simply stood at the counter stating that she “never believed she’d have a stone that size on her finger.”

With Yehuda’s clarity enhanced process anything is possible. They take a flawed diamond with feather inclusions that are visible and make it eye perfect. The flaw still exists but no one can tell by simply looking at it.

“We are very good at what we do,” states Dror. “My father invented this process that makes visible flaws disappear to the eye. They still exist but you cannot tell by looking at the diamond. That makes larger diamonds more affordable to the general public. Our larger diamonds are as much as 50% less than a diamond with the same grading of the same size.”

So, whether you’re a current Yehuda Diamond customer or not, if you’re a retailer with a good credit rating you can participate in the Big Diamond Exchange. Why not stir up some excitement in your store? It’s a free gift with endless possibilities.

For additional details about The Big Diamond Exchange contact Yehuda at 800-934-8320 and mention The Big Diamond Exchange. Diamonds will be sent out on a first come-first serve basis.