Last updateWed, 01 Jul 2020 1pm

Couture 2011 receives enthusiastic response from both exhibitors and retailers

(NEW YORK) – Couture wrapped up it’s 2011 event on June 6th in Las Vegas with the industry feeling an overall sense of well being and showing a return to growth and prosperity. Retailers were energized about the designs they were seeing and happy to spend time in the rarefied atmosphere of Wynn Las Vegas, and exhibitors were enthusiastic about the traffic in their salons and ballrooms.

“It felt like 2006 all over again!” explained Jeff Feero, Managing Partner at Alex Sepkus. “There was a palpable energy in the room, and an attitude and snarkiness at the counter with clients chomping at the bit to get in. It was business like it used to be - solid!”

Furthering this sentiment was Lenny Khankin, Managing and Creative Director of Ernst Benz, one of the exhibitors that made up the new Couture Time presence: “We were humbled and privileged to exhibit at Couture. This was our first time at the show, and we found it exciting to meet in such a civilized setting not only with our existing customers, but with all of the top retailers in the country. Couture is the most organized and well-run show we’ve exhibited at in this hemisphere.”

Michael Weggenmann, who spearheads the “German’s Finest” collective, said about Couture 2011, “It was my 20th year exhibiting in Las Vegas, but, without a doubt, this show was by far the best that I have ever attended in the United States.”

Not only did the Couture team deliver the quality buyers and media attendance necessary for success, but the new salon design in the main ballrooms and the overall aesthetics of the show were met with rave reviews. Jim DeMattei, President of Viewpoint Showrooms, noted, “This year’s Couture was a pure example of what this premier jewelry event is all about; elegance in the presentation of exquisite jewelry to top jewelers.”

“The atmosphere of the Couture show is such an elegant backdrop for these gorgeous designs,” said Marie Helene Morrow, owner of Reinhold Jewelers in San Juan, PR. “The sophisticated and tasteful environment of the Wynn is what these designers deserve and where, as a retailer, I enjoy doing business.”

“Couture this year was the best show I’ve been to in 50 years,” noted Jim Rosenheim, owner of Tiny Jewel Box in Washington, DC. “Couture really defines the high-end jewelry experience, and if I were only able to attend one show world-wide each year, it would be Couture.”

Each of the Couture designers came to the show with the best in sellable, unique and creative designs, inspiring retailers to buy, and reminding them what sets Couture apart. “I come to this show because it’s intimate, and it’s about special designs,” explained Linda Fotos of Higashi Pearls and Fine Jewelry in Lemoyne, PA. “The looks you can get here are both on trend and really wearable. No matter what part of the world you live in, everyone can spot design and quality, and that’s what Couture designers offer.”

“We are simply thrilled with the success of the show,” enthused Lee Arevian, Director of Business Development for Couture. “Exhibitors were happy with the redefined space and the business they wrote, and the retailers were excited with the depth and breadth of designs we brought them from both established and new designers, as well as the Couture Time exhibitors. We’re already looking ahead to how we can continue to raise the bar in 2012.”

Other highlights of Couture 2011 were the Opening Night party, where The Goo Goo Dolls played to a rapt crowd by the pool on the Sunset Terrace, sponsor-supported Apres Show Cocktail Hours and the Couture Design Awards event, a lavish Brazilian-inspired “Celebracao” celebrating the best design in over 12 categories.