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Fable Designs offers ‘Out of this World’ Meteorite Wedding Bands


It’s always refreshing to come across something new in fine jewelry design. It breathes new life into the endless possibilities of what jewelry can become. It sparks ideas begging an answer to the question, “What if?”

Fable Designs is an industry leader in the ‘What if?’ category. Since 2000 they have specialized in contemporary metals, specifically for men’s wedding bands. When they started, few, if any, companies dared to think outside the box like them. That trait drove current President Eric Crow farther down the path of the unique, contemporary metal design. Acknowledging that men had been short changed for years in their choices of wedding bands, Crow saw a definite gap in the market and decided to offer men an innovative option to customize bands to each unique taste and desire.

Crow’s passion for jewelry grew in 2003 when he began working closely with up and coming jewelry professionals. He then recognized the need for expansion and innovation within men’s wedding bands. That’s when Crow started Fable Jewelry Company in 2005. Not too long after that, Fable Jewelry Company merged with a leading contemporary metal manufacturer, Titanium Designs, to form Fable Designs.

Fable Desings’ new men’s wedding bands manufactured using the prehistoric Gibeon Meteorite.

“Titanium Designs was the leader in contemporary metals and they opened it up for many others to follow,” said Crow. “Today, Fable Designs continually pushes the limits of normal. We have a passion and a love for our product and we consider ourselves an extension of our client’s store. We eat, sleep and breathe men’s wedding bands and our staff is extremely innovative, coming up with new ideas every day.”

Fable Designs specializes in contemporary metals including Titanium, Royal Steel, Zirconium, Black Ceramic, Royal Cobalt, Tungsten Carbide, Exotic Wood, Mokume, Damascus Steel, precious metals and now... Meteorite! That’s right. Fable Designs has created a new line of bands which feature meteorite, perfect for an ‘out of this world’ love. They launched the new meteor bands at the Smart Show in Chicago and the response has been overwhelming.

“This isn’t just any Meteorite, it is the Gibeon Meteorite from western Africa. It fell in prehistoric times and has unique crystalline patters called Widmanstatten Lines caused by the extremely slow cooling of the material in space,” explains Crow.

Fable’s Mossy Oak camouflage wedding band.
While Fable Designs may own the corner on specialized meteorite, they aren’t the only alternative metals company around. But Crow and his team hope their clients will notice the attention to detail and high quality of their product that has become synonymous with Fable Designs’ name. Not to mention the flexibility that comes with manufacturing your own product, which is why true customization is easily accomplished with Fable Designs..

Fable Designs specializes in making rings to order. Regardless of the request, every wish is considered and most, if not all, are fulfilled. Crow sites several unusual examples to prove the point:

“We’ve entertained many special requests, including one man who wanted dinosaur bones in his ring and one man who wanted part of a legal document in his,” recalls Crow. “We’re able to do things most people can’t even dream of.”

Fable Designs can also do things only southerners can dream of, like designing a brand name camouflage wedding band. In their most recent agreement, Fable Designs and Mossy Oak inked a deal providing Fable Designs with the rights to utilize Mossy Oak camo patterns for men’s’ bands. Fable Designs can match the patterns of the groom’s tux, car, bow or gun and embed them into the band for a surprisingly sophisticated look. As one of only 2 companies who own a Mossy Oak license, Fable Designs has already seen these branded camo bands sky rocket in popularity.

For retailers Fable Designs makes carrying their line easy by offering a stock balancing program as well as no minimum to start. Fable Designs bands also come with a lifetime guarantee on sizing. Their clients also benefit from their U.S. based facility which makes turn times quicker and access to their Customer Care center easier.

Crow and his executive team understand that contemporary/performance metals are here to stay. “There’s a huge following for what we’re doing and we anticipate new metals entering the marketplace with properties that will blow the minds of our customers.”

Fable Designs utilizes social media to its fullest, so be sure to check out the Mossy Oak bands on their Facebook page or contact them at 801-282-5800. Reach Fable by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit their website www.fabledesigns.net.