Last updateThu, 17 May 2018 7am

Gemvision announces its Revo 540CX mill to join Matrix 7.5 in GIA’s CAD/CAM Classrooms


(DAVENPORT, Iowa) - Gemvision Corporation is proud to announce the addition of Gemvision’s Revo 540CX rapid-prototype mill to GIA’s CAD classroom instruction.

The initial Revo mill was built in 2003 and has quickly become a top CAM mill production choice for jewelry professionals and fulfillment agencies within the United States and worldwide.

Gvision-Revo-MayThe RevoCX mill has many advantages for the busy professional, utilizing advanced dual spindle cutting technology to turn CAD jewelry designs into castable wax models and utilizing tool-less fixtures that hold a wax blank while a high speed cutter removes wax material, quickly revealing the jewelry design in jewelers wax ready for casting. The benefits of milling and working in jewelers wax include a great surface finish, the ability to alter models by hand, and convenient, cost-effective integration into an existing casting process.

Starting a milling project is simplified with software that analyzes the design, recommends the most effective strategy and fixture, and provides step-by-step milling instructions. Once the job is set up, jewelers can keep tabs on the job using the new and exclusive RevoCX mobile web monitoring application. The new Bangle Builder strategy features efficient toolpath creation for large bangle bracelets.

“Our Matrix CAD software has been taught at GIA for years. Adding the RevoCX to the curriculum will seamlessly blend the best of CAD/CAM,” states Jill Goodson, Gemvision’s Director of Education.

“By incorporating the latest technologies into our education programs, we’re preparing students for how the industry works today, saving future employers time and money. GIA is proud to be at the forefront of teaching these real-world technologies,” said Mark Mann, GIA’s director of Global Jewelry Manufacturing Arts.

For more information call 800-357-6272 or visit www.gemvision.com.