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Kameleon KarmaPops make a difference


In March of 2013 Kameleon Jewelry® released a very special JewelPop® series called KarmaPops®; $5 from the sale of each KarmaPop™ is donated to KLEO - Karen Learning and Education Opportunities. KLEO is a registered charity that assists young ethnic Karen people of Northern Thailand who face economic, social and language barriers. In the year since the KarmaPop® Collection launched, Kameleon has been extremely impressed with the support received from authorized retailers and end consumers. To date funds raised have soared to an impressive $76,395 - far beyond any initial expectations for the program! 

KLEO founder Colleen Scott recently visited Thailand and sent back an update on the Charity’s progress in the region. “With the influx of funds to KLEO from the KarmaPop program, we have been able to do so many amazing things for the Karen People in Thailand. To name a few, we’ve been able to build a new boys dorm and toilets at our Jen’s House Facility. We’ve provided food, clothing and installed new toilets in the Mae La Ma refugee camp, we’ve rebuilt a falling dorm for 20 students and increased support for an additional dorm housing 28 students in the village of Mae Sariang. We are providing support for a weaving guild, ‘The Ladies of Nong Tao’ and are continuing support for university students, some of who are entering their third year, and the list goes on.

“Kameleon is involved with something very unique, hands on development where funds are controlled by an organization, KLEO, who has on the ground control of finances and makes decisions based on the immediate, carefully assessed true needs of the Karen people.”

JewelPop Inc. President Robert Smith said: “I am never surprised by the passion and enthusiasm shown by our Kameleon retailers. We are proud to be able to work, day to day, with some of the best people in the business. They continue to impress me each day in their role as advocates of our brands. With the KarmaPop initiative however, I am not only impressed, but completely humbled by the support that we’ve received. Retailers have gotten behind this program and it has proven extremely successful. We are seeing, through our close relationship with the KLEO organization, exactly where those dollars are making a huge difference in people’s lives.”

For more information on KLEO please visit  www.kleosupportgroup.org.

JewelPop Inc. is a sterling silver wholesale company based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, with a sales office and distribution center in Camden, Maine. Having huge success with the Kameleon Jewelry® line, they have also introduced GemDrops™, Ice 925™ Mirage™ and Boudicca™. For more information visit JewelPop Inc. at www.jewelpop.com or call 866-431-4484.