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Andie Weinman sparkles in the City of Gold


Preferred Jewelers International CEO shares info on PJI and successful American retail strategies in Dubai

AndieThe City of Gold was the international backdrop for the Gemological Science International (GSI) presentation on ‘The Successful American Retail Strategies’ during DMCC Dubai on September 12, 2017.

GSI invited Andie Weinman, CEO and Founder of The Continental Buying Group (USA) and Preferred Jewelers International to present the first of several seminars it hosted in Dubai. Ms. Weinman explained the success of Preferred Jewelers International in the US and abroad, discussed the benefits the Preferred Jewelers International program would bring to consumers and the industry, and shared her plans to introduce the program to retail jewelers in the Gulf Region. 

In addition to sharing the benefits of Preferred Jewelers International, Ms. Weinman also addressed the exclusive crowd of attendees on “Proven Successful American Retail Strategies.”

Weinman, who took top billing as the key speaker of the event, drew upon her 35 years of experience in the jewelry industry as she shared a list of recommendations on best practices for retail jewelry businesses. “The retail industry landscape is changing at an incredible speed with new innovations and developments; many old concepts are not applicable to today’s industry. Hence to break through the paradigm and recreate your vision in the jewelry market for the future, it is an indispensable need to build, grow and innovate. Another rising concern in the industry is the rise in the number of deceitful practice of synthetic diamond mixing,” she said.

Weinman said she was extremely pleased with the response of the participants during the seminar. “It goes without saying that GSI has come to Dubai with proven retail strategies that come with a local approach, especially for the Dubai jewelry industry. I was grateful to receive such a positive response, and at least 40 stores in Dubai are interested in becoming part of Preferred Jewelers International,” she added.  Preferred Jewelers International is currently in discussions with retail jewelers based in the U.K. and also Australia.

GSI, one of the largest independent gemological organizations in the world for global diamond and colored stone trade, organized the prestigious gathering of the diamond industry to facilitate discussions on the various problems faced in the online jewelry market, and also to address the audience on the issues surrounding synthetic diamonds. GSI has been actively working to create industry awareness on synthetic diamonds, and conducts seminars led by its expert research and development team on synthetic diamond detection.  

Andie logo eThroughout her presentation, Weinman stressed the importance of change, and urged retailers to understand that the trade has to move in tune with the changes in the retail marketplace.

“We want the participants to understand that we are doing what works today not what used to work yesterday. As the retail experts, we will guide you with your retail marketing efforts. You will be part of a much bigger entity by partnering with us,” she added.

“Combine what works in other retail industries with our own industry best practices. This will help to get the best results with the best return on investment.”

The seminar also addressed other issues facing retailers, including the need to shift the older, traditional mind-set to take advantage of the evolving retail landscape.