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Oklahoma jewelers “Drive the Bus” with anger, sadness and terror!

OJA ClarkMitchell Clark (B. C. Clark Jewelers) speaks to the seminar audience about the American Gem Society, and the Oklahoma Jewelers Association’s new opportunities and responsibilities as an AGS Guild Organization.On August 4th and 5th, jewelers gathered from throughout the state of Oklahoma to be challenged to look for fun and passion every day in all phases of life, and especially when selling jewelry. A fun-filled Sunday morning followed an active evening that included a banquet, a Casino Night, and raising money for Jewelers for Children.

Comedic motivationist Joel Zeff led nearly 100 retail jewelers of the Oklahoma Jewelers Association (OJA) in a program that had the audience screaming with laughter and even at one point making “bunny-ears” at one another with floppy hands.

Joel’s lively presentation included having four of the members of the audience riding in a pretend bus, driving to El Paso, with each participant expressing an emotion that proved to be immediately contagious to all of the other passengers, including the driver. The exercise demonstrated the way that one’s emotions can affect those around, and that support of one another can be critically important. Even the reaction of the audience through laughter and applause served to support and encourage the ones on stage. 

Joel took the demonstration a step further by encouraging jewelers to appreciate their customers and to find ways to show it, saying, “there’s no expiration date on ‘thank you’! Whether you call, text, tweet or Facebook, take the time to let your customer know you appreciate him or her – it’s a gift you can give that person, and it doesn’t cost a thing.”

Another game that Joel brought to his audience involving fast-thinking with words, taught participants to be prepared for the inevitability of change - that being open and flexible allows people to build on one another’s creativity for the best possible adaptability.

OJA 1Speaker Joel Zeff opens his program to a jubilant response from Oklahoma jewelers.

In still another hilarious exercise, Nancy Curry (B. C. Clark Jewelers) pretended to help Joel do work on a house with imaginary tools while Rhonda Smally (Kelley Jewelers) and Landon Smith (Huntington Jewelers) aided by providing sound effects for the various tools - hammer, sander, saw, nail gun - whatever the speaker felt that he needed for the job.

Mike Holmes, President of the Oklahoma Jewelers Association said that the seminar was attended by jewelers from every part of the retail trade - from top management to floor sales and the bench. “It was an altogether fun morning that had our members laughing and enjoying themselves, while at the same time understanding the importance of the issues the speaker was bringing to their attention - possibly one of the most enjoyable and effective seminars our association has ever put on.”

OJA 2To illustrate a point, Zeff challenges his audience to make “bunny ears” back at him and toward one another.

Other aspects of the meeting included an AGS presentation by Mitchell Clark (B. C. Clark Jewelers), explaining the Association’s new role as an AGS Guild Organization, and a “Jewelers Mutual Minute” by Past President Ryan Jackson (Jackson Diamond Jewelers) - both the AGS and Jewelers Mutual being key supporters of the Seminar and the OJA. Paul Brockhaus led an audience-participation discussion on effects, pro and con, of social media - speaking on behalf of JA Representative Susan Pollack, who was unable to attend due to weather and flight issues. Jewelers of America was pleased to provide major funding for the speaker, the title being “Make the Right Choice,” patterned after Joel Zeff’s book of the same name.

OJA 3Expressing the emotion of “fear,” Zeff joins pretend bus driver Ryan Jackson (Jackson Diamond Jewelers). Reflected in mirror, Jean Yates (Moody’s Jewelry) and Fletcher Smith (Huntington’s F. J.) wait to board, bringing “sadness” and “anger.”

For more information about the Oklahoma Jewelers Association please visit www.OklahomaJewelers.org or call 918-527-7334.