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What is it about Valentine’s Day?


It’s the dead of winter with no end in sight to cold, short days and dark, longer nights. Suddenly a breath of whimsy, caprice and romance stirs the air with a ray of hope, a glimpse of spring just around the corner - Valentine’s Day!

What a perfect occasion for an unexpected gift. The traditional flowers, cards and chocolates have their charm. But why not think outside the box? Consider a glittering necklace or bracelet with a heart motif. Pink pearls capture the first blush of budding romance. Rich red rubies reflect the romance of deep passion. Or diamonds - what could be more romantic than the promise of forever love?

Expected gifts at traditional celebrations - birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, graduations - are eagerly awaited and welcomed. Their anticipation - both in giving and receiving - is part of their delight. They reaffirm our traditions and strengthen our bonds.

But the charm of an unexpected gift, especially at Valentine’s Day, is exhilarating. Ask any woman. It speaks of a gift from the heart, rather than custom. It captures the air of mystery, of secret admirers, of tantalizing possibilities.

Think back to childhood, exchanging valentines with classmates, sending - or anticipating - that valentine to or from a special someone. A valentine captures this allure of unanticipated romance, of fresh possibilities, of new beginnings. An unexpected gift on Valentine’s Day taps all these memories and feelings. It’s fresh. It’s whimsical. It’s pure romance.

St. Valentine, according legend, wrote missives to lady friends, sparking the tradition of sending letters or “valentines.” The romantic nature of Valentine’s Day evolved through the ages. Today it’s the perfect time to make declarations of love, to ask someone special to “Be My Valentine.”

In established relationships, it’s the ideal time to reawaken feelings of the first blush of sprouting love. Like renewing wedding vows, Valentine’s Day gifts recapture and stir anticipation of new possibilities, hope and new beginnings.

Tap into the charm of Valentine’s Day this year. Promotions - targeted both to men and to women - that enliven the day’s fresh, special character are sure to hit the mark. Consider adding distinctive Valentine’s Day inventory and displays. Host a Valentine’s Day party offering prizes. Remind your clients how meaningful a special gift will be.

We all have a soft, romantic side waiting to be awakened. We all love to be reminded that spring is just around the corner. Hope springs eternal.

Mia Katrin is an award-winning, internationally celebrated couture jewelry designer specializing in high-end necklaces with precious gems in 18-22 karat gold as well as the new affordably priced Jewel Casual Collection. Her Collections, which have been worn by A-List Hollywood celebrities, are featured in many top galleries and stores throughout the country, where she regularly hosts Trunk Shows. Contact Mia via her website, http://jeweljewel.com, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 1- 877 JEWEL-MY (539-3569).