Last updateTue, 19 Jun 2018 9pm

Introducing Charisma Tag™ by Insignia Collection, Inc.


A unique way to customize your expression of support

(ERLANGER, Ky.) - Insignia Collection, Inc., a custom jewelry manufacturing division of Jewel-Craft, Inc., has announced the creation of Charisma Tag™. The customized metal charms provide personal style to the popular silicone wristbands, which are commonly worn to generate public awareness for social causes or concerns. Charisma Tag™ offers a distinctive way to represent support for organizations.

Insignia Collection’s new Charisma Tag™ on a silicone wristband. Silicone support bracelets have become increasingly popular as a method of advocating responsibility to social concerns.
Recent studies illustrate a heightened sense of loyalty to social and environmental concerns in America. In a 2010 survey conducted by Cone, LLC, 85% of Americans reported that they had a more positive image of a product or company when it openly supported a cause they cared about. In fact, it appears that cause-alignment may be of higher importance than brand loyalty; 80% of Americans said they would switch to a brand similar in price and quality if it demonstrated support.

Silicone support bracelets have become increasingly popular as a method of advocating responsibility to social concerns. The wristbands have traditionally been worn to promote group affiliation and to identify and unite supporters. As popularity continues to increase, the bands are worn to represent everything from school spirit and college graduations to corporate causes and events. They provide a simple, yet highly visible means for sharing specific messages with the public.

Charisma Tag™ designer Paul Klecka stated: “I saw the effectiveness and powerful symbolism conveyed by the millions of individuals wearing silicone wristbands, and invented a product that builds upon that success. I wanted to develop a tag or charm that could be attached to the wristband to communicate additional solidarity with a particular group and generate new revenue for that organization.”

The Charisma Tag™ is available in a wide variety of metals, finishes, and styles. Both the face and the edges of the tag can be customized, providing a truly unique addition to standard support bracelets. The charms fasten easily and securely to any standard sized wristband. The Charisma Tag™ can be ordered with or without the silicone wristbands and both can be designed with various patterns, colors, and logos.

A highly visible, personalized item, the Charisma Tag™ adds style to standard silicone wristbands. They can be used to raise funds, show support, promote social concern, commemorate important milestones, or celebrate special occasions.

Visit www.charismatag.com, www.insigniacollection.com or www.jewel-craft.com to learn more.