Last updateThu, 17 May 2018 7am

EveryChild™ Jewelry - a new look in family jewelry


EveryChild ™ Jewelry is a family jewelry line that is able to reflect each family’s individual story.   EveryChild’s “Baby Feet” design designates new births and grandchildren, their adoption designs incorporate domestic and international adoption, and they address special needs and foster children also.

EveryChild-NovThis exclusive family line was developed in the design studio of Chesterton, IN-based Stephanie Swanson Jewelry Design.   The idea came about when Stephanie and a friend were discussing their unique family situations and how there was no jewelry in the market that met their needs.  Stephanie had added to her family by adopting her autistic foster son.  She also knew people with adopted children both from the United States and abroad.  So naturally, her new jewelry line needed to include all these issues and more.  Countries currently available are Africa, China, Russia and Haiti and others can be made by request as well.

Of the new family line Stephanie says: “When I adopted my son I wanted to recognize him in a meaningful and beautiful way with a piece of mother’s jewelry.  Because my son is biracial with Aspergers I was unable to find a piece of jewelry that truly represented him so I created EveryChild™  jewelry.  It is a family jewelry line that can be completely customized to celebrate your one of a kind family.  You can honor new babies and grand children, but also adopted children, special needs children, and foster children.  This line is customized so people can also include stepchildren and twins too.  I really hope my jewelry line will bring other parents as much joy and beauty as it has brought me.”

Stephanie partnered with a jewelry manufacturer in Chicago, who also had an autistic son, and they are now busy producing their new line and introducing it to a previously ignored market.  EveryChild ™ is a line of pendants which can also be worn as charms for a bracelet.  The pendants can be ordered in sterling silver, 14k yellow, white and pink gold, and platinum.  Stores would receive these items blank so that they can customize them for their customer with diamonds and birthstones to represent diversity or birthdays.  Most pendants are engravable and if the store does not have an in house jeweler, Stephanie can make the pieces to their special order.

Also available with EveryChild™ purchases are marketing literature, posters and displays. Easy to understand examples of what is available and order sheets are included to facilitate sales.

For more information contact Stephanie at 219-928-3902 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or visit their website www.EveryChildJewelry.com.