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New ‘Cloud’ version of Jewelry Master® Retail Management System announced


“Making sure we have the best, the easiest and the most affordable retail jewelry management system available was the goal we set for ourselves, and I am proud to announce that we have more than met that goal with the release of our new ‘cloud’ version of Jewelry Master®,” said Ernest Johns, President and CEO of Quantum International Corp., during the annual corporate meeting at their headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama.

Having over 30 years of experience in the computer software industry and owning his own software company that only sold to large Fortune 100 companies around the world, Ernest saw a definite need for a comprehensive retail jewelry management system when his son opened a jewelry store in 1990. “I couldn’t believe what turned up when my son started researching the market for a jewelry software system for his business. Everything was time-consuming, cumbersome and inadequate at best. That’s when I decided to put together a technical staff to develop an in-depth jewelry system designed just for the jewelry industry and from a jeweler’s point-of-view. A system that not only would benefit my son, but all the other jewelry stores in need of a comprehensive and user friendly computer system.

“The result was Jewelry Master®, and apparently we accomplished what we set out to do because whenever we’re compared with others, we usually win hands down. Providing a good product at a good price and giving excellent customer support is why we’ve grown so fast and we don’t intend to stop now.

“We also do something that no other software company does. Since we want our developers to have a first-hand knowledge of just what is involved in the operation of a jewelry store, they are required to work in my son’s store during the Christmas season. This gives them a first-hand perspective and appreciation of just what a retail jeweler needs in order to efficiently and effectively manage their store. Working and living in the real ‘retail jewelry world’ is what gives us the advantage and insight into what we can do to make sure we are aware of our customer’s needs and always stay a step beyond the edge.”

With over 350 stores now using Jewelry Master® they have quickly become a recognized leader in the jewelry software industry.

“During the last few years, our customers have asked why we haven’t come out with a ‘cloud’ version of Jewelry Master®,” Johns continues. “Until recently, I really didn’t feel that the technology was there to support it. But now that the technology and communications stability has advanced to the point they have, I feel now is a good time to start taking advantage of all the benefits that cloud processing has to offer.”

Beginning in February, Quantum International is introducing the Jewelry Master cv® ‘cloud’ version that will enable any jeweler, large or small, to take advantage of all its numerous, in-depth features at a very affordable price. As an introductory offer, all the equipment necessary for connecting and using Jewelry Master cv® is being offered for only $899 for an administrative station and only $499 per register station if two or more computers are necessary. The equipment is all brand new and the administrative station equipment consist of a processor, monitor, wireless keyboard and mouse, cash register drawer, customer camera, inventory and repair item camera and stand, colored receipt printer, thermal price tag printer, price tags, receipt paper and clear repair bags. Everything needed to start taking advantage of Jewelry Master cv® immediately.

A register station does not require the thermal tag printer and sharing the receipt printer with the administrative station keeps the price at $499 if multiple computers are necessary. The access and usage fee for the administrative station is only $89 per month and only $84 per month for each register station. To show just how affordable it is, the proceeds from replacing one watch battery per day will more than pay for the monthly usage fee. Also, there is no additional support or maintenance fee charged for the cloud version of Jewelry Master®.

“The objective was to offer a comprehensive and easy-to-use jewelry system at a very affordable price and this offer more than accomplishes just that,” said Johns.

Some of the features of the Jewelry Master® management system include: pictured and bar-coded inventory control and tracking, automatic Pandora and Chamilia inventory entry, auto-generated pictured appraisals, printed repair orders with pictures and automatic repair charges, automatically e-mailed customer notification of completed repairs, detailed customer information including customer pictures and detailed buying history, auto-maintained store credit journal, lay-away accounts with payment journal, special orders, custom item assemblies, wish lists, holds, special dates and occasions, auto-generated pictured hint-hint cards, gift card purchases and usage journal, assorted mailing labels, detailed accounting and analysis reports, Quickbooks accounting interface and much more.

One of the more popular features of the new ‘cloud’ version that customers really like is the ability to connect with their iPad or laptop and work from home or check on daily sales and other information while away from the store. Users can also use their iPad or laptop to wait on customers from anywhere in the store while having all the information they need right at their finger-tips. This capability helps in avoiding delays at the register. The remote connection has proven to be very useful for checking on current inventory while at jewelry shows to make sure merchandise is not duplicated. With the ability to quickly show the pictures and information related to each piece of inventory, a store’s inventory can easily and quickly be reviewed by simply clicking a button.

Also, planned for this year are new advertising and web marketing divisions. The advertising division will assist stores in distributing customized e-mail and printed advertisements to their customers and the web division will assist in making the pictured inventory items available for Internet sales.

“These are the type of user-friendly features that sets Jewelry Master® apart from our competitors and we will consistently be incorporating more of them in the future. Anything we can do to give our customers the most exposure to their customers and an advantage over their competitors is what we aim to do and we have already achieved a lot of our goals in that direction,” said Johns.

Anyone interested in seeing a live demonstration of the ‘cloud’ version can call anytime for an appointment or stop by the Jewelry Master cv® booth at the Atlanta Jewelry Show, February 25-27, booth 1524, and get a first-hand look at the numerous features and capabilities of the system.

For more information about Jewelry Master®, you may contact their friendly sales staff by calling 205-833-3232 or e-mailing them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..