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Series of 3-Day Retail Strategies & Solutions seminars announced


The current economic and political climate in the United States is more challenging than most who read this can recall over the past several decades.  This fact demands new ideas and strategies as well as creative and innovative solutions that will help business owners build and maintain financial security for their business.  While there is no silver bullet available to any of us, there are actionable activities and procedures we can all put in place to help us through these very difficult economic times.

Four well-known and respected colleagues have come together to produce four three-day seminars that will provide “the best retail strategies and solutions available in the market place today.”  The first of four three-day seminars will take place in Atlanta, Georgia April 8 – 10, 2013.  These unique and one of a kind seminars have been carefully crafted by Brad Huisken, John Thedford, David Johns and Jennifer Kanistras.  This distinguished and experienced group has worked together over time and three of them have managed one of the most successful retail and financial services organizations in the United States according to the Gallup Organization.

Brad Huisken, who heads up IAS Training out of Colorado, has been in sales and management training for over twenty five years and is an internationally known speaker, consultant and trainer to the jewelry, furniture, sporting goods and pawn industries.  Brad also has a great history of assisting business owners with turn arounds and financial improvement.  He is the author of “I’m A Salesman, Not a PH.D,” “Munchies For Salespeople” and “Munchies For Salespeople II.”  His books are often used as reference material for college courses.

John Thedford is the author of the best selling management book “Smart Moves Management” and has founded and sold two successful companies associated with the rent-to-own and pawn industries.  He currently serves as the President and CEO of Premier Pawn & Jewelry Stores with operations in Atlanta, Georgia and New York State.  John is an accomplished CPA and noted speaker on a circuit that includes a number of industries.  He is often the key note speaker at national and regional events.  Additionally, John holds a number of awards for outstanding performance among his peers and serves as an advisor to the MBA program at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida.

David Johns has a long and noteworthy career in the management of human capital with over twenty five years in the pawn industry along with twenty years with Sears out of Chicago, Illinois.  He is best known for his presentations on how to select the best talent for any position and is one of the few instructors in the United States qualified to interpret Thurstone Temperament Schedules.  His background as an Industrial Psychologist for the work place has allowed him to assemble a plethora of information and data that he will share during each of the four scheduled seminars. 

Jennifer Kanistras is recognized as one of the most experienced presenters of information about Loss Prevention, Security and Inventory Control in the country.  She served for many years as the Director of Audit for Value Financial Services where she headed a team that held the record for controlling audit and other losses for the largest privately held pawn store operation in the United States prior to that company being sold.  Jennifer currently travels the country as well as the Caribbean Islands as a consultant to a variety of businesses. 

The 2013 Series will consist of four different three-day conferences that cover different topics key to the financial success of those in the retail and pawn businesses.  Included will be a case study of a different management book used by the Value Financial Services to build the Value Pawn team into an award winning financial powerhouse.  The book case study for the first event in April 2013 will be “The Effective Executive” by Peter Drucker.

The cost is $1995 for the first attendee and $995 for any additional attendee from the same business.  Included will be breakfast each day with lunch on Monday and Tuesday and refreshments throughout each day.  The real take-away will be a manual containing the material presented that can be used by attendees to enhance their business opportunities in the future.

Sponsors for the event are M & M Merchandisers, Yehuda Diamond Company and Fable Designs.

For more information contact Brad Huisken at 800-248-7703 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..