Last updateTue, 19 Jun 2018 9pm

Kelly Waters’ new line, EverLink, creates special moments and memories


Family links and special moments are the reasons for the creation of EverLink, the new jewelry line now available at Kelly Waters, Inc. The Boston-based, family-owned premium jewelry manufacturer has served independent jewelers for more than 50 years and is well-known for providing quality products that have emotional meaning and for its exceptional customer service and support.

Waters-AugustEverLink is a gorgeous sterling silver pendant that was created by a 4th generation jeweler, Gysbers Jewelry, in Waupun, Wisconsin, founded in 1874. Owner Kate Bresser wanted to do something meaningful for her four daughters and designed the pendant to keep them forever linked together with special family members in their lives.

“I wanted something to demonstrate that people are supposed to be together… seasons of joy show that people are supposed to be together. Seasons of love give us blessings and challenges of all times… throughout each journey, they never break away, they only get stronger,” explained Kate.

Her daughters started wearing the EverLink pendants around town and people fell in love with them and started buying them like crazy. The premise behind the pendant is that life gives us joys, blessings and challenges, yet throughout each journey family links never break – they only grow stronger. “Let EverLink be the symbol of being ever linked together,” she said.  Kate has been in the business for 34 years and never envisioned herself as a jewelry designer, but family values and the relationship between mother and daughter brought out the creativity in her.

Ed Waters, owner of Kelly Waters along with his brother Jack, said he is delighted to become partners with the EverLink jeweler. “We loved the pendant and specialize in providing products that have emotional meaning. And EverLink doesn’t have to be a special gift just for direct family members,” he said. “It can also be a meaningful gift for friends and other important people in your life.”

EverLink is an exquisitely designed sterling silver circular pendant. The piece consists of open, artful links to create a full circle. The sterling pendant retails for $89.95. A diamond pendant is also available with a diamond centered in the middle of the circle at the bottom. Its suggested retail price is $149.95. Free advertising and display materials are available with EverLink and the ad has room at the bottom for your personalized business information.  And Ed said their gift boxes compliment the jewelry. “We realize that good product presentation leads to more sales,” he said.

EverLink is just one of numerous premium quality gifts crafted by Kelly Waters, Inc. From classy to chic, Ed said the company manufactures a full assortment of contemporary jewelry, packaged and priced to make the perfect gift for almost any occasion. “And every piece of Kelly Waters jewelry offers a no questions asked return policy, and if a piece ever needs to be repaired or replaced, send it back and we’ll take care of it,” he said. “We are committed to giving our customers the best support we can.” That includes custom pieces, special displays, marketing tools, rush orders and next day deliveries.  “We are proud of our traditions and believe that’s why we have been so successful for more than 50 years,” he emphasized.

For more information about EverLink and Kelly Waters, Inc., please call 617-282-3620 or visit the company website at www.kellywaters.com.